Do Pigs Eat Meat? (They Do, but It’s Complicated)

Pigs can eat meat, yes. All pigs are omnivores, which means they can eat plants and meat as well. Pigs will eat almost anything when they have to. Although meat provides essential nutrients such as proteins, it’s not always the best idea to feed your pigs with meat. Learn why in our article.

I know what you’re thinking. It can be quite weird for pigs to eat meat, especially that of their kin. Still, doing so gives them quite a lot of benefits.

Let’s get into it more.

Can pigs eat meat?

In a question of capability, of course, pigs can eat meat. All hogs are omnivores and scavengers.

Thus, they can eat almost all kinds of food, even scraps, leftovers, and yes, meat.

In fact, out of all food, meat serves as their best protein source to grow a lot quicker and faster.

Although meat can provide essential nutrients, the raw ones can harm them. We’ll tackle this later as we go deeper.

Now, if you’re a beginner in taking care of pigs, you may wonder if they can eat meat. Or, you may be someone who is just plain curious if pigs who offer meat would also eat meat.

Here’s an answer to your queries: yes, they can. Thus, you can, and you should feed them meat.

Now, since they eat meat, what kind of beef would they eat?

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What kind of meat do pigs eat?

Pigs aren’t picky eaters. Thus, they would eat all kinds of meat fed to them.

When we say meat, we’re likely talking about beef, chicken, and their own – pork.

As I was saying, pigs eat meat; however, you shouldn’t feed them raw meat. Thus, whatever type of meat, be it beef, chicken, or pork, avoid feeding it raw.

Feeding raw meat won’t likely happen since most meat that pigs eat come from our leftovers. So, even if scraps smell and taste awful, it’s okay for our pigs since it’s cooked.

If you’re out to feed your pigs some meat, here’s a tip, make it as soft and comfortable to eat as you can.

These animals would prefer food that is easy to eat than those that require a lot of chewing. They would even like it if they won’t chew anymore.

Try to give them wet food by mixing the meat with water and cutting it into small pieces. It will help them have a convenient meal, and they’ll consume a lot more.

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Why can’t pigs eat meat?

When someone asks why pigs can’t eat meat, it doesn’t necessarily mean all kinds of it.

In particular, pigs can’t eat raw meat. Thus, it would be best if you didn’t give it to them.

A study states that raw meat may contain viruses that can cause diseases in pigs. Further, consuming raw meat invites an infection to other livestock.

Since pigs are scavengers, they will eat raw meat if fed. For this reason, always ensure that your hog is not eating any raw meat.

Always make sure that you cook the meat you will feed on your pigs.

Do pigs eat pork?

Since pigs eat all kinds of meat, that includes their own – pork.

Pork contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to growth. In particular, it contains large amounts of fats and proteins.

I know, it can be quite weird to learn that pigs can eat their kin. However, it would be best to keep in mind that they don’t precisely hunt and kill their kin.

They receive cooked pork in leftovers, and they can even eat bacon.

Thus, they are just eating whatever food we feed them, even if it’s the meat of their own family.

Now, a reminder again: don’t give them raw pork and all kinds of raw meat.

While they may eat raw pork, it doesn’t mean it’s good for them. It’s okay to give these animals even leftovers and scrap meat, just as long as it is not raw.

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Will pigs eat bacon?

Yes, pigs will eat bacon if you feed it to them. I know it seems wrong and a little bit funny to think of providing them their meat.

However, technically, these animals go and eat everything they can reach.

Here’s a video clip of people giving bacon to pigs. They seem to be entirely oblivious of the fact that it’s their meat.

Eating their meat is like us eating the flesh of other people. While we think it’s wrong, pigs may also do so, but they can’t help but feed on whatever is available.

Domestic pigs don’t hunt their kin to eat them, but they will eat bacon if they can.

In the wild, boars sometimes eat their offspring. Still, don’t give the meat that is raw to pigs.

This principle applies to all meat, even chicken meat.

Can pigs eat raw chicken?

Pigs will eat raw chicken, but you shouldn’t feed it. As scavengers, these animals will eat raw chicken if they get to reach one.

Raw chicken can be quite tender and soft, making it an easy meal for pigs.

However, as I said, allowing them to eat raw meat can invite possible viruses in their bodies.

Give them some cooked leftover chicken. If you think it’s chewy, cut it into smaller pieces, and mix it with water to make it tender.

Chicken meat contains a high amount of protein, which is beneficial to a pig’s growth.


It seems wrong to see pigs who offer meat to eat meat themselves if we think about it. Of course, it would be alright if it is chicken or beef. However, seeing them eat their meat can be entirely wrong.

Still, meat provides the essential nutrients to support their growth and health. When they eat the flesh of their kin, let’s see it as their act of surviving.


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Image credits – Photo by Monika Kubala on Unsplash

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