My Dog Ate Gravel: Should I Be Worried? (4 Tips What to Do)

Many households usually put gravel in their garage. Thus, it’s not surprising to see our pets play with it. However, it may be a cause to worry if your dog eats one instead of only playing with it. Thus, it begs the question:

My dog ate gravel – Should I be worried? Whenever dogs eat indigestible objects, it safely passes through the gut. Thus, in most cases, dogs will be alright if it eats gravel, and you won’t have to worry. However, some cases end up causing severe symptoms. It’s through these instances that you need to call a vet.

Dogs are curious animals that would eat anything they can reach. While it’s alright from time to time, some items just pose a threat to their lives. As a pet owner, you probably already know that gravel isn’t something you’d like your dog to eat. While it should safely pass through, it still poses a risk for your pet.

In this article, I included some tips and what you need to do if it happens. This way, you can be ready if your pet starts eating gravel.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What happens if a dog eats gravel?

Gravel may be small, but such objects may have sharp edges. If your dog eats one, it can cause an intestinal blockage, which is a severe complication.

Further, it can also cause damage the intestines due to its sharp edges and rough textures.

Thus, if left unchecked, a dog that eats gravel can be in danger of many complications.

While it can happen that your pet will be alright, it can also damage your pet’s organs.

For instance, gravel can have sharp edges that can damage the internal organs. It can also cause choking hazards and other stomach issues.

For these reasons, this object can cause potent dangers to your pet, and so you should avoid such incidents as much as possible.

Now, what should you do if your dog already ate one?

What to do if your dog ate gravel?

Indeed, gravel may safely pass through the gut, which would only ask you to wait as long as your pet seems alright.

However, it can also happen that the object would block its intestines. If this is the case, your dog may end up vomiting whatever it will eat after ingesting the gravel.

Of course, as pet owners, we want to ensure our pet’s safety, and that we need to ensure that nothing is wrong with them.

Here are four simple tips you can do if your dog ate such an item.

Observe your dog.

You need to observe your dog and look for any complication signs after eating gravel.

Some symptoms would mean danger, and if such happens, you may need to call or take your pet to the nearest vet. Among these are vomiting and if you don’t see the object in its poop.

If your pet seems alright and doesn’t show any signs of severe symptoms, you may proceed with the next one.

Prevent your pet from eating more gravel.

The last thing you’ll want is for your pet to eat more gravel. Thus, you should put your pet in someplace where it won’t have access to anything inedible.

Dogs usually find such items in gardens and yards where they play. Thus, you may want to secure your pet first in a room until it poops out the gravel.

Understand what happened.

Take note of every detail you can gather regarding the incident.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer and understand from the scene.

  • How much gravel did your dog eat?
  • How big was the gravel your pet ingested?
  • How long has it been since it happened?
  • Did its poop contain gravel?

Getting such information would make you understand how worse the incident is.

Moreover, it will help you report what happened if you visit the vet and ask about what happened.

Take your pet to your vet.

Gravel gives out quite a lot of risk for your pet out of all the things. Thus, such an incident needs consultation with the vet.

It would be best to give your vet a call and state every piece of information about the incident. He or she will surely ask that you bring your pet to have it checked.

Your vet will ask you for all the necessary information. That’s the reason why you need to know everything about the incident.

Take note. As long as your pet doesn’t release the item, you can’t be confident about its condition.

How to recognize that your dog ate gravel?

Gravel is hard for a dog’s teeth to break. Thus, it can be hard to tell if your dog swallowed it since it won’t have any remains.

Due to its hard texture, it’s not likely to have any traces. Of course, if it’s inside the case, it should completely disappear. However, that would mean a worse case.

Moreover, it would be best to keep an eye on your pet and observe for the next hours for any signs or symptoms.

Among the complications your pet can have would be an intestinal blockage or choking. Thus, if you see such problems with your pet, contact a vet right away.

You can also check their poop to see if the gravel is there. If you didn’t see any of it in its poop after a day, it would be best to consult a vet and have your pet checked.

dog and gravel

Can dogs die from eating gravel?

Gravel isn’t a usual cause of death for dogs. However, they can die from eating such, mostly if left unchecked.

Gravel can cause many kinds of problems to your pet. Thus, it poses a lot of risk for your dog if consumed.

For instance, if left unchecked, dogs can die from intestinal blockage for eating gravel.

Another thing is that eating gravel can cause choking, leading to death.

As always, never let your pet eat gravel because it will put its life at risk of many things.

Can a dog pass gravel?

A dog may pass gravel. However, it can also cause severe complications and problems for your pet.

Gravel has a sturdy texture and composition that can cause blockage and choking. Moreover, the sizes vary, and your dog can eat big ones, which could worsen.

Of course, if your pet doesn’t show any adverse reaction after eating gravel, you can wait and check its poop for it.

It may pass the object. However, I’d recommend that you have your pet checked by your vet.

This way, you can be confident your pet doesn’t suffer any complications from the incident.

How long does it take for a dog to pass gravel?

Like all other objects, gravel wouldn’t get digested in a dog’s stomach. Thus, it would likely pass through, and it may take as soon as two hours.

If your dog eats gravel, it’s likely to happen that it will get mixed in the poop.

However, if it’s a big one, it can cause intestinal blockage, which can be dangerous.

For this reason, always keep an eye on your pet and check on it every time it plays outside.

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How to stop dogs from eating gravel?

As I said earlier, dogs have many reasons why they eat gravel. It can be due to health complications, or it can be as simple as trying to get your attention.

Thus, they tend to sniff and eat gravel, despite the object being inedible.

Such an instinct can be hard to take away. Thus, the best way to stop your dog from eating pads is by keeping an eye on your pet every time it plays outside.

Since there is gravel everywhere, keeping them out of your pet’s reach would be impossible. Thus, you need to keep an eye on your pet, so it avoids eating such.

As a general rule of thumb, preventing your pet from reaching any gravel is the best way to avoid such incidents.


Like all other objects your pet can reach, gravel is inedible, but it doesn’t mean your pet dog won’t eat one. Although they may like to eat one, it’s dangerous for their health.

It’s important to note that gravel can cause severe complications. Among these are potential choking and intestinal blockage.

For this reason, a visit to the vet is essential if your pet shows signs such as vomiting. Moreover, it’s also best to call a vet if your pet doesn’t have any of the gravel it ate in its poop.

As long as you’re confident that your pet ate gravel, be sure to take it to the vet, so it receives proper treatment.


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