My Dog Ate Cupcake Wrapper (4 Tips on What to Do)

Many of us cannot resist a cupcake, whatever type it is. Aside from us, our dogs can’t as well. For this reason, it’s not surprising to find out that our dogs would eat a cupcake or two resting within their reach. While it’s alright for them to eat the muffin, it can be worrisome to see that they would include the wrapper.

So, you may say: ‘My dog ate cupcake wrapper,’ but what should you do? In many cases, those traditional muffin wrappers may pass through without causing any trouble to your pet. True, some wrappers have components that can harm them, but it’s not likely to happen. In such incidents, understanding what has happened is the best way to deal with such.

In this article, you’ll see a rundown of the things you need to do when dealing with such issues. Moreover, it will also be your guide in caring for your pet.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Dog ate cupcake wrapper – what to do?

If your dog ate a cupcake wrapper, likely, it would only pass through without causing any issues. Thus, the first thing you’ll need to consider is to observe your pet and see any reactions towards the wrapper it recently ate.

Of course, as pet owners, we want to ensure our pet’s safety, and that we need to ensure that nothing is wrong with them.

So, you may ask: “What to do if my dog ate a cupcake wrapper?”

While the muffin itself is harmless, the wrapper may be, and that’s what we want to solve.

Here are four simple tips you can do if your dog ate a cupcake wrapper.

Observe your dog.

The first thing you need to do is observe your dog and look for any signs of pain or reaction towards the wrapper.

Some symptoms would mean danger, and if such happens, you may need to call or take your pet to the nearest vet. Among these symptoms would be heavy breathing or pale/blue-tinged gums.

If your pet seems alright and doesn’t show any signs of severe symptoms, you may proceed with the next one.

Clean the area and remove the food’s remnants.

The last thing you’ll want is for your pet to eat more wrappers. Thus, you should remove any remnants of the cupcake and the wrappers.

If your pet is diving into a trash can and continues to dig in, take it away from the site and put it somewhere secure. Afterward, clean up the mess and prevent your pet from re-accessing it.

Understand what happened.

Take note of every detail you can gather regarding the incident.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer and understand from the scene.

  • How many cupcake wrappers did your dog eat?
  • What kind of wrapper did your dog eat?
  • How did your pet consume the wrapper? Did it chew to pieces or swallow it whole?
  • How about the cupcake? Does it contain ingredients that are toxic to your pet?

Getting such information would make you understand how worse the incident is.

Moreover, it will help you report what happened if you visit the vet and ask about what happened.

Take your pet to your vet.

You’ll need to make an assessment out of all the information and see if you need to take your pet to the vet.

If you have a large dog and it ate a single wrapper, the wrapper will likely only pass through without causing any issue.

Another thing to do is to wait and observe for any signs of adverse reaction.

Take your pet to the vet if it’s a small breed or if it ate a silicone wrapper. Do the same if the muffin has toxic ingredients and your pet shows grave symptoms.

Your vet will ask you for all the necessary information. That’s the reason why you need to know everything about the incident.

You can do it through a call and ask your vet if you need to take your pet to the clinic.

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Dog ate chocolate cupcake wrapper.

If your dog ate a chocolate cupcake wrapper, then you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

While the wrapper may pass through without causing issues, the chocolate content of the muffin may take a toll on your pet.

If it’s just a while since your dog ate the wrapper, you can induce it to vomit through a dose of hydrogen peroxide.

Of course, such first aid treatments need accurate instructions and approval from the vet.

The best response would be to call the vet and ask him what you should do about your dog.

If your pet shows signs of poisoning, you may need to take it to the vet immediately.

cupcake wrappers

Dog ate foil cupcake wrapper.

Many pet owners worry about foil wrappers due to the aluminum content that can lead to poisoning.

While it may be true at some point, it’s not likely to happen with your dog if it eats a foil cupcake wrapper.

Now, it doesn’t mean your pet would be safe. The significant risk of this kind of wrapper is that it may cause lodging or choking.

If you have a small dog, it would be best to take it to the vet immediately.

Dog ate paper cupcake wrapper.

Paper muffin wrappers are likely to pass through without causing any problems. It’s usually the case since it’s easy to break down, especially if chewed.

Of course, these wrappers still have the potential to cause blockage or choking. Both the waxed paper or parchment paper can have the same effects.

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Are cupcake wrappers digestible for dogs?

Cupcake wrappers aren’t digestible for dogs. Thus, if your pet ate one, it is likely to pass through rather than getting digested.

Of course, cupcake wrappers come in many kinds. Thus, the effects may vary depending on the type of wrapper your pet ingested.

Most wrappers are papers, which won’t provide any harmful potentials to dogs of large sizes.

However, foil wrappers may tend to be a high risk for dogs.

As always, be mindful and observe your dog and see what kind of wrapper it ate. Afterward, you can respond to the situation depending on how grave it is.

What happens if my dog eats a cupcake wrapper?

It’s doubtful that the cupcake wrapper would harm your pet. As long as it’s a paper wrapper and not a foil, it may only pass through without any issue.

Of course, it will still vary in all circumstances. Thus, as a general rule of thumb, remember that your dog shouldn’t eat any wrapper.

It may induce vomiting, but it’s a good thing if your pet spits it out. However, what would usually happen is that the wrapper would pass through.

For this reason, you may want to wait out for your pet to release it.

Now, you may wonder if eating a wrapper is enough to cause your pet’s death.

Can a dog die from eating a muffin wrapper?

It’s quite rare for a dog to die just by eating a cupcake wrapper. However, it would be possible if the wrapper caused a blockage and you left it untreated.

For this reason, keep a keen observation of your pet and see the effects upon eating a wrapper.

If you see your pet not pooping for some time, it would be best to consult the vet.

Another thing that can cause death is if the wrapper was a foil. Foil wrappers would likely pass through as well.

However, it can have sharp edges that can cause bleeding on your pet’s organs.

If your pet ate a foil wrapper, it would be best to take it to the vet to receive proper treatment.

What should you do if your dog ate a chocolate cupcake, or even a Maxi Pad?


Cupcake wrappers aren’t likely to cause any issue to your dog, in case it eats one. However, circumstances vary all the time. While it can be safe for other dogs, it can take a toll on your pet.

When it comes to muffin wrappers, the safest would be the one made of paper. If your pet ingests such, your pet won’t have any issues.

However, be cautious if your pet ate either a foil or a silicon wrapper. Moreover, it’s also dangerous if your pet ate a chocolate cupcake. Such incidents need immediate attention from the vet.

As pet owners, be cautious and observant and try your best to prevent such incidents from happening.


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