My Dog Ate Maxi Pad: What Should I Do Now? (4 Tips)

Dogs are playful and curious creatures, which means they can play and even eat the things they can reach. Even your most intimate personal items are nothing but toys (sometimes even food) to your pet. While it seems so gross and creepy, that’s just how they are.

So, you may ask: my dog ate a maxi pad. What should I do now? Although it seems gross, it happens, and it’s quite dangerous. If you found your pet eating your maxi pad, contact your vet immediately. Moreover, if you see something wrong with your pet upon eating, take it to the clinic as soon as possible.

Maxi Pads and other similar items contain chemicals and other things that can be toxic to your dog.

What makes it worse is that such items absorb liquid. Thus, it can do some damage to your pet if ingested.

In this article, we’ll cover what may happen to your pet if it eats a Maxi Pad and what you can do to solve this issue.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What to do if my dog ate a maxi pad?

Maxi Pads and other similar items are the last things you want your pet to chew and swallow.

The thing about a Maxi Pad is that it has a substantial liquid absorption property. Thus, aside from its toxic components, it can absorb the gastric acids present in a dog’s body.

Thus, it’s quite dangerous for your pet, meaning they need immediate attention.

Of course, as pet owners, we want to ensure our pet’s safety, and that we need to ensure that nothing is wrong with them.

So, you may ask: “What to do if my dog ate a maxi pad?” Here are four simple tips you can do if your dog ate such an item.

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Observe your dog.

You need to observe your dog and look for any signs of pain or reaction after eating the maxi pad.

Some symptoms would mean danger, and if such happens, you may need to call or take your pet to the nearest vet.

If your pet seems alright and doesn’t show any signs of severe symptoms, you may proceed with the next one.

Clean the area and remove the remnants.

The last thing you’ll want is for your pet to eat more of your Maxi Pad. Thus, you should remove any remnants from the area.

Dogs usually find Maxi Pads in the trash bins of your comfortable room and other trash bins around.

Thus, if your pet is diving into a trash can and continues to dig in, take it away from the site and put it somewhere secure. Afterward, clean up the mess and prevent your pet from re-accessing it.

Understand what happened.

Take note of every detail you can gather regarding the incident.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer and understand from the scene.

  • How much of the Maxi Pad remains? (it will make you assess how much your dog ate)
  • How long has it been since it happened? (the sooner you knew, the better)
  • Did your dog consume other items aside from the Maxi Pad?

Getting such information would make you understand how worse the incident is.

Moreover, it will help you report what happened if you visit the vet and ask about what happened.

Take your pet to your vet.

Out of all the things in your house, a maxi pad or other similar items gives out quite a lot of risk for your pet. Thus, such an incident needs consultation with the vet.

It would be best to give your vet a call and state every piece of information about the incident. He or she will surely ask that you bring your pet to have it checked.

Your vet will ask you for all the necessary information. That’s the reason why you need to know everything about the incident.

Take note. Even if your dog seems fair, as long as you’re sure it consumed a maxi pad, a visit to the vet is necessary.

maxi pad

Can a dog pass a maxi pad?

A dog may pass a maxi pad, but even if it does, it may cause damage to the body.

Maxi Pads have that absorbing capacity that makes them suck in liquid. Thus, before your pet can release it, it should have absorbed some gastric acids in the stomach.

Of course, if your pet doesn’t show any adverse reaction after eating a maxi pad, you can wait it out a bit.

It may pass the maxi pad. However, I’d recommend that you have your pet checked by your vet.

This way, you can be confident your pet doesn’t suffer any complications from the incident.

What happens if a dog eats a bloody pad?

If your dog eats a bloody pad, it’s not the blood that’s worrisome. Instead, it’s the material of the sanitary pad.

A sanitary pad’s components have a high absorbency material. For this reason, it may expand in the gut as it takes in some liquid substance.

Of course, like all other items, your dog may pass a sanitary pad. However, it may also cause some blockage and other complications.

A sanitary pad takes in the vital fluids in a dog’s body. As it does, it expands, which can be a cause of an intestinal blockage

Whether your pet shows severe symptoms or not, it would be best to take it to a vet for a check-up.

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Why does my dog eat bloody pads?

Although it seems gross, dogs tend to get attracted even to the most intimate ones, including even the bloody pads.

The reason why your dog would eat your bloody pad is that the odor attracts your pet.

Since dogs have an intense smelling capacity, the scent of the blood in your pad attracts them that much.

Such an attraction comes from instinct, and it’s quite hard to train away. Thus, here’s what you can do to stop your pet from eating maxi pads.

How to stop my dog from eating maxi pads

As I said earlier, dogs have that instinctive attraction towards the scent of blood in a maxi pad.

Thus, they would tend to go to the trash bin and take out the pad, despite its gross.

Such an instinct can be hard to take away. Thus, the best way to stop your dog from eating pads is by keeping it out of their reach.

Try to replace your trash bins with secured ones. You can use heavy ones that would be difficult for your pet to take down.

Moreover, you can use a secure lid so your pet can’t take out its contents.

You can also put your maxi pads and trash bins in a room where your pet can’t access them.

As a general rule of thumb, preventing your pet from taking your maxi pad is the best way to avoid such incidents from happening.

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Maxi Pads and bloody pads are items that seem gross for us, but it’s the opposite for our dogs. While they may like to play with it and even eat them, it’s dangerous for their health.

The thing about bloody pads isn’t about the blood, but the sanitary pad itself. Feminine Pads have that absorbent material that can take the vital fluids inside a dog’s body. As it does, it expands, which can cause a blockage.

For this reason, a visit to the vet is essential even if your pet shows no symptoms. As long as you’re confident that your pet ate a maxi pad, be sure to take it to the vet, so it receives proper treatment.


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