Why Do Cats Pee on My Front Door? (And How to Stop Them)

Cats pee on your front door to spray their urine to mark their territory. It’s their way of saying, “I am the master here.” We know it’s very annoying to have a stinky door from the cat’s urine. But how to stop cats from doing that? We got you covered.

A few pee incidents are likely to happen to cat owners. However, if you get annoyed by frequent occurrences, you may want to do something about it.

Let’s get into it more.

Why would a cat pee on stuff?

A cat that pees on stuff usually means it’s under stress. Felines usually mark territories with urine to deal with stressful conditions.

When a kitty feels anxious, it tries to relieve itself from marking territory by peeing.

In simple terms, leaving the scent of urine on stuff is a feline’s way of saying, “I’m feeling stressed.”

Most people think cats pee out of spite, and it’s not true.

When cats pee on stuff, it may be an indication of a health or behavioral problem.

At the same time, cats begin urinating on stuff when they sense something is wrong.

If felines pee on stuff, something may be wrong with them, or with the environment where they live.

As I said, it’s a feline’s way of handling their stress, and not just because they feel like being naughty all of a sudden.

If your pet is peeing on stuff, find out if it’s having problems at home or with its health.

Although we can’t control where they pee, there are things we can do to stop them from peeing on stuff.

If it is peeing on your front door, you can always do something to stop it from doing so.

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How do I stop a cat from peeing on my front door?

If you see your cat peeing on your front door, it may mean the same thing, and you can stop it from doing so.

A cat that pees on the front door is usually trying to mark it as territory.

Since many people come in through that door, it may create a stressful environment for your cat.

As a result, your pet will pee on it to deal with such a stressful feeling.

While the scent can ease the stress of your pet, it can cause you otherwise. Don’t worry, though, as you can do something about it.

You can always try spraying some cat pheromone product like Feliway on your front door.

If you don’t know what a pheromone is, it is a type of chemical that cats use to communicate. It works as a scent but is only sensible to felines.

Since such a product doesn’t smell bad, a few sprays won’t affect us.

At the same time, your cat may sense it and stop peeing in a particular area.

The scent it emits is the same with cats. Thus, a few sprays would be enough to stop them from peeing and even clawing on furniture.

How do you stop a cat from peeing around the house?

angry looking cat

If your cat is peeing around the house, you can also use that cat pheromone product to spray on the parts where it pees.

However, you should clean up the urine first as soon as possible. Prolonging the urine on areas can make it hard to remove.

Further, use a disinfectant and odor neutralizer. The former would kill the bacteria from the urine, while the latter would dissolve the bad smell.

With regards to the disinfectant, avoid using the ones with ammonia as the base.

Such a component may lead your cat to think it’s still urine, making it continue peeing.

You can use products with a citrusy scent. Felines loathe the smell of any citrus. By using such, you’ll have that area avoided by your pet.

To further provide a solution to the cat peeing problem, you can work with some essential oils.

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What essential oil will keep cats from peeing?

Some essential oils can keep cats from peeing. If your pet is always peeing on your furniture and even your carpet, it cannot be enjoyable.

Here are some of the essential oils you can use to solve this specific problem:

  • Lavender
  • Citronella
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint Oil

Felines do not like essential oils of all kinds since these oils contain strong scents.

Since essential oils have a strong scent, it can be too overpowering to cats since they have a sensitive smell.

The above scents can be great for us, but not for our cats. Thus, it can be ideal for our furniture and even carpets.

You can use such oils by mixing one cup of water with 20 drops and then spraying it in those areas.

It is best to use at least once a week to maintain your furniture free from the pee of your pet.

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If you have cats indoors, you know that they are swift but careful. They move with finesse and do not damage any furniture. However, when they pee on stuff, it cannot be enjoyable and very bad-smelling.

Of course, it’s not always like that for cats. They can learn, and they don’t pee on stuff all the time. If they do, you would already know how to respond to it.


Image credits – Photos by Mat Reding and Steve Harvey on Unsplash

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