Will My Cat Remember Me After 1 Year or 2 Weeks? (Don’t Worry)

Do you have to leave for some time, and are you worried if your cat will remember you? You don’t have to worry about that. Your cat will remember you after 2 weeks or even after 1 year. They use scent to recognize you, not exactly their memory.

If we are close to our feline pets, it can be worrisome to think they’ll forget us if we are away for a few months, or even years.

Thus, if you’ll be away for a while, you may be curious if your pet will remember you once you’re back.

Let’s get into it more.

How far back can a cat remember?

Cats have a considerable capacity when it comes to memory retention. They can remember for as long as ten years, although a lot of factors can change this.

One of the factors is how close you are with your pet.

If your pet has been with you for a long time, it will remember you even if you’re gone for quite a while.

Another factor is their age.

Felines tend to have higher memory retention during their early years.

Thus, if you’re with your pet since it’s a kitten, chances are it will remember you even if you’re gone for a long time.

You can see this in cats who get separated from their mothers in their early months.

A kitten that gets separated from its parents won’t recognize its mother if they reunite.

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Do cats recognize their owners after being separated?

happy cat reunion with woman

Recognition from our pets is what we always worry about when we’re going on a trip. (Trust me, I know)

Although some people say their cats don’t recognize them after they get back, it’s kind of a rare thing for cats.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that felines are best in remembering by scent rather than by sight.

You may think your pet won’t recognize you since it hasn’t seen you for quite a while.

However, the truth is, our feline pets recognize us by our scent.

If your cat has ever kneaded on you or touched your face, it’s their unique way of putting their scent on you.

I’ve once been away for a year, and my pet still recognizes me by the time I return. It’s not precisely my face that my pet remembers, but rather my scent.

Of course, your pet may show a cold attitude towards you when you return.

If your pet keeps its distance, just let it be. Don’t worry. After some time, your cat will start getting clingy again.

Once our feline pets get close to us, they tend to put their scent on us. It’s their way of marking us as their own.

As soon as you have that mark, your pet will feel comfortable in your company.

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Do cats remember you when you go away?

If you’re gone for only a few days, it won’t be a problem of recognition, but a problem of attitude.

Felines are attention seekers. Thus, they can be quite upset if you leave them alone.

While some cats tend to be sweet upon their owners’ return, some can act as if they haven’t seen them arriving.

Don’t worry if your pet starts acting cold. It will wear out after some time.

If you’re planning to go out for a few days, here’s my advice.

Try to make your feline pet busy while you’re away, and reward it once you return.

Have someone play with your pet. Offer a toy or ask someone to pay attention to it.

As soon as you return, cuddle with your cat and offer some treat.

That way, you can train your cat to remain sweet even after missing you for a few days.

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In summary – will my cat remember me after one year?

If you are away for a year, don’t worry. Your cat will still remember you. Indeed, it may feel saddening to feel that your cat hasn’t recognized you.

If you have been with your pet for quite a long time, don’t worry. I’ll remember you.

Our feline pets remember us by our scent, not by our faces. Thus, even if it’s a year-long separation, you can have your cat back.

Of course, your pet will change a little after you return. But don’t worry. One good thing about cats is that they don’t hold a grudge.

Just let your pet process your return. Further, you can rekindle your relationship by becoming sweet to it.

Trust me. After a while, your cat will be back to its normal behavior with you.

In summary – will my cat remember me after two weeks?

While a year is quite challenging, a few weeks is quicker, and your cat will surely remember you.

If you’re gone for two weeks, chances are your pet remembers you pretty well.

It may, or may not, show a cold attitude towards you. Of course, as attention seekers, felines can make it seem they’re not okay with the separation.

Try to give it some petting and some rewards. All it takes for our cats is love and affection. Once we give it to them, they’ll return the favor by being cuddly and sweet.


Image credits – Photos by Shoaib SR and Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

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