Why Does My Cat Keep Bringing Me Her Kittens? (Surprising)

Your cat keeps bringing you her kittens because she wants them to get used to you. Your feline knows she lives with you, and her kittens will as well, so she wants them to be used to humans. In the end, you are giving them food and shelter, right.

Our feline pets are famous for being overprotective of their young. Thus, it can be quite a surprise to see them bring their kittens to us.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

What does it mean when my cat brings me her kittens?

If your cat brings her kittens to you, it only means that they trust you to handle their young with care.

Compared to the wild ones, our cats may realize that they rely on us to provide food and shelter for them.

The cat teaches her young to get used to us by bringing her kittens since we play a significant role in their future.

Felines rarely do such a thing. Since they are mostly protective, they would likely move their young almost all the time.

Thus, when your cat brings you her whole bunch of kittens, it only means she trusts you so much. Further, she feels comfortable with you, and she thinks you won’t harm her kittens.

It would be best to show that you also care for your cat’s kittens as you did for her.

Avoid doing any actions that may seem threatening. It may get your cat stressed and put its young away from you.

It may even make your pet aloof from you.

But, when do mother cats bring their kittens out?

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When will a mother cat bring her kittens out?

The mother cats may bring her kittens out after a few weeks, but it’s best to leave them together for 12-16 weeks.

After only four weeks, a kitten can already eat solid food. However, it takes more weeks to learn the behavior and other things from its mother.

Thus, if you plan to separate the kittens from their mother, it would be a great move to let them spend a few weeks together.

Kittens can already live on their own once they get to eat solid food. Still, they can use some lessons from their mothers.

After the early stages, the mother cat will show some intolerance towards the kittens.

It’s not a negative attitude. Instead, it’s a feline’s way of teaching the kittens to live on their own.

Both the mother and her kittens may suffer from anxiety once they get separated. Don’t worry, as it will pass after some time.

Now, while bring her kittens means your pet trusts you, it may mean a different thing if she only offers one.

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Why does my cat only bring me one kitten?

small kitten

If your cat brings you only one kitten, it’s likely the one she favors the most.

Since it’s her favorite one, your pet wants you to get attached to that particular kitten.

If she gives you one at a time, and it’s different every time, it means she’s just getting each of them attached to you.

Felines don’t favor one over the other, but they can be quite distinct in how they treat their young.

For example, while your pet may only bring you one, it can also abandon another.

Cats are famous not only for eating their young but also for abandoning them.

Whichever kitten she offers, do your best to show that you care for each. It will help your pet feel more secure with you.

Does my cat trust me with her kittens?

If your cat is so close to you, she can trust you with her kittens. One good sign is when she gives her kittens to you.

Since your pet already favors you, she’ll feel the same with your intention towards her young.

Thus, even if she doesn’t bring her kittens to you, you can approach and touch them.

Still, try to be careful. Even though your pet trusts you, its maternal instinct can kick in anytime, which can hurt you.

If she already gives you her kittens, it’s a sign that she trusts you to care for them.

As I said, our cats realize that they need our aid in providing food, so she trains her young to get used to us.

At the same time, it will seem like she’s trying to present her young. Always show a positive reaction by petting these kittens.

Further, avoid doing any action that your pet may see as a threat.

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Why does my cat separate her kittens?

If you saw your cat separating one or two kittens away from the rest, it means there’s something wrong with them.

Mother cats are not only sensitive. Further, they are also perceptive. They can detect if there are some issues with their kittens.

In such cases, their instinct is to separate the defected ones from the healthy ones. Further, they’ll prevent the ones with problems from feeding.

Cats do this because they think these kittens won’t live long. At the same time, they’ll prevent it from feeding to preserve their energy for the healthy ones.

It may sound terrible, but it’s their way of taking care of their young.

It’s like sacrificing the weak ones to aid the survival of the strong ones.

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Cats have a fascinating way of taking care of their young. Whatever their means, we can be confident that they only wish the best for their kittens.

Like their owners, we have to aid them as they take care of their young.

We should do this by understanding and responding to their needs.


Image credits – Photos by krakenimages and Natasha Polyakova on Unsplash

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