Why Does My Cat Rub Against My Dog? (Surprising Reason)

The main reason why your cat rubs against your dog is that she wants to mark it as a member of your family and accept the dog into her territory. It can also mean a greeting from the cat. When your cat is rubbing against your dog, it transfers odor that marks the dog as a member of the family.

Since cats and dogs are the two pets found in most homes, it’s quite usual to get to see these two together.

For this reason, it would be quite useful if you know how what to make with your pet’s gesture.

Let’s get into it more!

What does it mean when your cat rubs against your dog?

A rubbing gesture from a cat is an act of marking their territory or their thing.

Thus, a cat’s main reason to rub your dog is to mark it as a part of its territory or to identify your dog as its family.

Felines have some chemicals that we call pheromones. Felines release such chemicals and put them on things they sense as their own.

The bottom of your pet’s feet contains scent glands. Such glands which will leave pheromones once your pet touches your dog.

As a result, your dog will have these chemicals, and your cat will get comfortable in its company.

With such a gesture, your cat will put itself at ease, and will even make your dog a comfortable pillow it’ll use to sleep.

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Can cats and dogs love each other?

love between cat and dog

The simple answer is yes, cats and dogs can love each other.

Although there’s an expression of fighting like cats and dogs, these pets have a soft spot for each other.

If you own these two, then you probably know that they don’t fight or pay attention to each other.

When both cats and dogs grow up together, they form a bond and a friendship that is quite fascinating.

Thus, if you think having both will be troublesome, I’m telling you that it’s quite the opposite.

With both canines and felines, it’s their life and experience that matters. Even though they are of different species, they can get along quite well.

Still, the best way to get them together is by starting as kittens and pups. Once they grow, they’ll end up already accustomed to each other’s company.

Such a relationship between these two pets is quite fascinating to behold.

Why does my cat lick the dog?

With the same principle as the rubbing, your cat may lick your dog to mark it as its own or as family.

By licking your pet dog, your kitty places a familiar scent in it. That scent is the reason why your cat will be at ease with your dog.

At the same time, it can happen that your cat is just being playful and wishes to lick your dog.

With such an act, it only shows that your cat is getting along with your dog. Don’t worry. Licking won’t do any harm to both pets if it concerns you.

However, if your cat is licking your dog in the ears, it means a different thing.

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Why does my cat lick my dog’s ears?

Cats have a keen sense, and they are entirely in sync with the proteins in animals.

As a result, they get subconsciously drawn to the earwax of other animals. Since ear wax has some protein (according to Harvard’s study), it’s pretty much what your feline pet likes.

Felines do get attracted to earwax. While it may seem gross, it’s not a bad thing.

Earwax contains dead skin cells, fatty acids, and even small amounts of cholesterol.

All these components generate a lot of protein, which cats can sense significantly.

Once you bear this in mind, you’re less likely to get worried once you see your cat licking other animals’ ears.

No matter how you think it looks gross, licking an ear brings great pleasure for your cat.

Thus, there’s no need for you to stop such an act.

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Why do my cat rub against me? Is it different?

If your cat is rubbing you, it’s quite the same. It’s your cat’s gesture to make itself familiar to you.

At the same time, the act of kneading is quite a comfortable action for them.

While it’s quite a touchy gesture for us, they claim us as their own for our feline pets.

Felines aren’t only fascinating pets with their behavior and playfulness. At the same time, they can be gentle and comforting pets.

If your kitty is continuously touching you, you should return the gesture and bond with it like how you’re supposed to.

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Cats and dogs prove themselves to be quite fascinating pets, both on their own and together.

If you see such gestures between your pets, you can take it as a positive sign. It only shows that a bond between your pets is about to get formed.

If you’re just about to get these two, prepare yourself for the beautiful experience with them.


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Image credits – Photos by Tran Mau Tri Tam and Glomad Marketing on Unsplash

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