Can Cats Sense Depression and Anxiety? (How They Act?)

Cats can sense depression and anxiety, yes. Our feline pets have a heightened sense that helps them detect changes in the body. Thus, cats can feel health issues and even depression and anxiety levels. Of course, like any other animal, cats don’t have the words to tell it. Instead, they reach out to us in depression and anxiety in a beautiful and comforting way.

I know what you’re thinking. Felines are lovely pets.

It’s fascinating to think that they do this excellent job of comforting us in these times.

For this reason, I did some further research to know more about how they can sense this.

Let’s talk about cats sensing depression first.

Can cats sense depression?

After some further study, I get to see how depression can affect the body of a person. HealthCentral speaks of 6 behavior changes in a depressed person.

Now, I wouldn’t go that far to discuss each of these changes. The point is that depression creates behavior changes in a person.

Thus, a sudden change in behavior due to depression is noticeable for a feline close to its owner.

Remember, though. Cats aren’t aware of depression, and they know that their owner’s behavior is changing and that they have the instinct to respond about it.

Feline pets that formed a close connection with their owners tend to be sensitive to the emotions.

For this reason, any feline with a depressed owner will sense that something is wrong. Sooner rather than later, I’ll try to respond to it.

Now, let’s talk about their response to anxiety.

ProblemMy cat does not recognize me

Can cats sense anxiety?

There are lots of signs and symptoms that come from the anxiety of a person.

According to HealthLine, anxiety has 12 effects on the body. I also wouldn’t go far to explain each. However, the short term anxieties increase breathing and heart rate.

While these changes may be internal and invisible to humans, they are noticeable to our feline friends.

Thus, if a kitty is familiar with its owner’s calm behavior, it can sense the significant change if anxiety takes over its owner.

While both depression and anxiety in humans are noticeable to a kitty’s senses, it’s not the only thing they can sense.

ProblemMy cat doesn’t want to come home

Cats can sense more than internal issues

More than these internal issues, our feline friends can sense sickness and weakness in humans.

To take it further, cats can even sense if someone is dying.

Even so, there are some differences in sensing problems in humans.

To make it short and straightforward, they sense sickness and death in a person more through temperature. A sick and dying person has a fluctuating condition, and it makes felines attracted to it.

For both depression and anxiety, they sense more about behavior changes. Mostly, it is possible due to their connection to the person.

Felines can sense sickness to any person, even to strangers. However, the perks of getting comforted in times of depression and anxiety are only for the owners.

More than anything, the connection and familiarity between the kitty and the owner is the key. Without such, it won’t pay attention if a person feels anxious or depressed.

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Can your cat have the same mental problems as you?

can your cat have the same mental problems as you

There’s no evidence to support this claim, but a long-term depression or anxiety can also affect your cat.

While your pet may cope up in a while, long-term anxiety and depression may make your pet think it did something ‘wrong.’

Feeling anxious or depressed on small matters is something we can’t help. As we live, these things do happen, and they can cope up with it.

However, if you feel it’s taking too long, you might also want to think of your pet and those around you.

As owners, we’re also responsible for our pet’s emotional health. As much as possible, your best bet is to seek professional help in response to these issues.

It will help not only you but also your pet.

Being a cat owner has some awesome perks. Use it as an inspiration. At the same time, take it to yourself to play and bond with it.

Trust me. It’s something you’ll find therapeutic and relaxing.

Now, does it mean getting a feline can help with depression?

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Can getting a cat help with depression?

Some people find pets a significant factor in improving their mood.

Having a cat around that is sweet and cuddly gives quite the joy and happiness.

If you think getting one will help you deal with these matters, it’s entirely up to you.

However, make sure that getting one isn’t only for the sake of depression.

If you wish to take care of a pet, also keep in mind that you’re responsible for its emotional issues.

As stated above, long term issues can take a toll on felines. Thus, always have it in your mind to care for your cat’s well-being as well.

Think of it as an exchange of love and support to each other. Eventually, you’ll find that relationship both beneficial and satisfying.

In Summary

Cats are fascinating in the sense that they can be our strength in times of need. Having one means there’s someone to come to your aid if you’re feeling depressed or anxious.

They form that bond that forces them to come to you, especially when they feel something is wrong.

It’s a good idea to have a cuddly cat sticking around, ready to comfort you, and ease your hard feelings.

Since your cat can help you, you should return the favor by giving them the affection and love they deserve.

More than treats and good food, short bonding time with your cat goes a long way.

Now go and pet your cats the way they deserve.


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Image credits – Photos by Daniel-Eduard Doman and Kirill Levchenko on Unsplash

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