My Cat Does Not Recognize Me. (What Should I Do?)

It’s less likely to happen that your cat does not come to recognize you. Indeed, cats may not be good at remembering faces, but they can remember you by smell and behavior. You may feel like your cat does not recognize you, but it does indeed. If this is the case, then your cat is probably just acting cold towards you. If you think your cat does not recognize you, it may be because of the following reasons:

You moved to a different place

If you recently moved to a different place, your pet may feel disoriented about the sudden change.

A feline that has lived in a single place will likely act strange in a new home for quite some time. With everything becoming strange, it may also include you.

It’s nothing for you to worry, though, as it will pass after some time. Let your pet roam and familiarize itself with the new place.

You’ve been with strangers

If your cat sees you together with people strange to its eyes, it may also become aloof with you.

Felines are better in remembering the scent than a face. Thus, being with others may get your smell mixed with the others.

Your pet will probably be in its old self with you once the scent gets familiar.

You left your cat behind

If you have been away for quite a while and left your cat, it won’t forget you.

The thing about this incident is that it may be acting cold for getting left behind.

Felines are attention lovers. They seek as much attention as they can get and become lonely when they get ignored or unattended.

If you left your pet for a long time, it might be that it’s just acting up and pretending not to know you.

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Can my cat recognize me?

can my cat recognize me

If you’re wondering if your cat can recognize you, then yes, it can.

Felines form a particular bond with their owners as time passes. Once they get familiar, they will learn to distinguish them from other people.

For that reason, there’s less possibility for any kitty to stop recognizing their owner.

If you feel this way about your pet, it may be because your cat isn’t coming to you or not sitting on your lap anymore.

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Why is my cat not coming to me?

Despite the training and attention, cats still have the instincts they follow.

Thus, if your feline friend is not coming to you whenever you call it, it’s not because it doesn’t recognize you.

The most probable reason is that it simply doesn’t want to go.

Suppose you called your pet. If it remains at a particular place, it means it is comfortable and doesn’t see any reason to go to you.

Try calling it with a treat or a toy in hand. If it still doesn’t come, let it be for a while.

Another reason why it’s not coming to you is that you became violent, and you scared it.

If you have hit or hurt your pet, whether by accident or intentional, it may start being afraid of you. Thus, it won’t come near you.

The best thing to do is to avoid situations like that by avoiding hurting your pet. If you did it by accident, just let it be for some time and approach once again to reconcile.

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Why won’t my cat sit on my lap anymore?

A feline would only put itself on the lap of its owner when it feels safe and secured.

Thus, what might have happened is that there’s a sudden change in the environment.

If you wish for your pet to sit on your lap again, think of the area’s possible problems. Is it too loud? Are there any other animals nearby? Do you live with people new to your pet?

Upon figuring out how to make your pet secure and comfortable, it will be more cuddly and sweet towards you.

How do you get your cat to recognize you again?

For your pet to recognize you again, you just need to provide solutions to the problems that caused it.

Let your cat be for a while

Don’t force your cat to come to you and recognize you if you feel like it acts like you’re a stranger.

Remember, there’s a reason why your feline friend may do it. Until then, give it some space and ask yourself what seems to be the problem.

If the problem is that you have hurt it, it’s best to let them come to you and let them make the first move.

Make an effort to be affectionate to your cat

Your cat is probably acting cold to you because it doesn’t receive the affection it expects.

Will a kiss work? Do they feel loved when you kiss them? It may or may not work.

The thing is, as the owner, it’s your responsibility to take some time to be affectionate towards your pet.

Felines seek attention more than anything. Thus, giving them even just a little of your time will go a long way.

Don’t leave your cat for too long

As attention seekers, cats do get sad when you leave. Thus, don’t leave it for too long.

If you can’t help but be away for a long time, make sure that you keep it busy by allowing it to play outside.

Give it a toy or have someone around to pay attention to it. Upon your return, make an effort to give treats and attention.

Think of it as a reward for waiting so long.

Create a safe environment for your cat

The best thing you can give your cat is a place where it will feel safe and secured.

As long as your cat is comfortable in your place, it will lose its cold attitude and open itself towards you more.

You will see your feline friend will become more playful, cuddly, and sweet towards you in time.

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In Summary

Cats themselves are a great gift to their owners because they can be the sweetest pets. Still, there will be instances when your pet will show a little coldness. Thus, making you think that it does not recognize you anymore.

During these moments, it’s best to put some effort to gain back their sweet side.

It may take quite a lot of patience and effort. Still, the result of having a sweet feline by your side makes all the happiness.


Image credits – Photos by Norbert Buduczki and MusicFox Fx on Unsplash

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