Do Cats Know When They Hurt You? (Hint: They Don’t)

The simple answer is no. Cats don’t know that they are hurting you. Unlike us humans, our feline pets are not aware when they graze us. They would only know when we tell them by an extreme reaction and when they intend to hurt us. Cats won’t hurt anyone on purpose, especially their owners, unless they feel threatened.

If you’re thinking they will change after hurting you, they won’t unless you act otherwise.

Being a cat owner has both the perks and the downsides. While it can be enjoyable to own and care for one, there’s still danger in it.

Felines, after all, have wildness in them. Despite all the love and care, there’s still a chance for you to get hurt.

Why does my cat dig his claws into me?

A straightforward instance when a cat might hurt you is when he digs his claws in you when you pet him.

When you feel your feline pet digging claws on you, he doesn’t mean any harm. They are sweet animals despite the wildness in them. Thus, if you pet them, they sometimes show love by kneading you.

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Why do cats knead?

why do cats knead

Kneading is common for house cats. It is an act in which he pushes in and out using its front paws.

They knead not only on people but also on soft surfaces such as cloths or pillows, and even on other animals.

Felines knead since they’re young. They knead their mother to show love, and even as they grew up, kneading is their way of expressing they’re at home.

Kneading is a feline’s way of saying he loves you. While this flattery may be sweet, it can also hurt you.

They may not notice, but they bare their claws when they knead. If it gets too rough, it may cause scratches and even deep wounds on your skin.

A feline’s claw is sharp, and that would hurt you.

Do cats feel bad when they hurt you?

Like any other animal, cats don’t feel bad when they hurt you. Whether it is by accident or intended, they won’t feel bad.

Now, this fact may pose a problem. Since our feline pets don’t feel bad, they probably won’t stop.

If they hurt you when they are kneading, and you don’t show any extreme expression, your pet may continue doing so.

It doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything, though. As intelligent pets, kitties can sense people’s feelings, especially that of their owners.

If you show your discomfort to your kitty after he hurt you, your feline pet may feel stressed and anxious.

Your pet may become aloof from you for some time. It may make some distance and maintain it for a short while.

As long as you don’t show aggressiveness to your pet, things should go back to normal.

Even though your pet may feel bad after hurting you, he can still understand what you wish to convey.

If you want to let your cat know that he hurt you, there’s a right way.

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How do you let your cat know they hurt you?

If the kneading from your cat hurts you too much, you can always show a reaction of pain.

Some cat owners tolerate it as they are afraid to startle their pet and eventually hurt them more.

A loud cry of pain is usually enough to stop a kitty from kneading. At the same time, pull your feline’s claws away, but don’t hit it.

I’ll repeat it. Don’t hit your cat, and never hit any pet. By striking a pet, it may sense you as a threat and danger. While some pets tend to stay away, some show aggressiveness, and that’s dangerous.

Use a different tone or simply express your natural reaction for displeasure. Afterward, push it away for a while. Eventually, your kitty will learn and avoid it.

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What should you do if you hit your cat?

If you have hit your cat during the process, his reaction likely is to get scared of you.

While cats may be aggressive, they get scared of more prominent predators. Thus, it’s primary reaction is to get afraid of and keep quite a distance.

It’s not an ideal move to chase after him since he’ll just keep running and hiding.

The best thing is to leave him alone for some time. As he calms down, he’ll come back.

Show your love and affection gradually, and all will be back to normal.

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In summary – Do cats know when they hurt you?

Unlike us humans, our feline pets don’t have complex awareness. Thus, cats don’t know, and they are not aware of when they hurt you.

Incidents like this happen when cats and their owners bond. As cat owners, you should know that these occurrences may occur from time to time.

What you should do is to keep in mind that as long as you are fair to your feline pet, he’ll have no intention to harm you.

Don’t feel bad about it. Just let it pass without getting aggressive. After all, it’s your pet, and you shouldn’t harm it.


Image credits – Photos by Timo Volz and Nathan Bang on Unsplash

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