Do Cats Know When You Are Dying? (How?!)

Yes, cats do know when you are dying. Take note, though. Cats sense not death itself, but the changes that occur in the stages of death. Thus, it’s not like the usual belief of many that cats supernaturally feel death. Indeed, there may be a mystical side when it comes to dying. Even so, there are also physical changes happening to a dying person, and that’s what cats sense the most.

The idea that they know when someone is dying is quite intriguing, so I did some research, and here’s what I found:

A Cat’s ability to know that someone is dying comes from their enhanced sense of smell.

Can cats sense death in humans?

Cats have an enhanced sense of smell that makes them able to sniff changes in the body that human minds cannot do.

According to Healthwise, there are physical and emotional changes as death approaches.

Among these changes is the temperature and behavior of a dying person. It’s a no-brainer that they can sense these with ease.

Felines may know the drastic changes happening when a body’s organs start to weaken or shut down.

Even so, it’s not only death that they can sense. Our feline pets can also feel when something is wrong with us.

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Can Cats sense when something is wrong?

The heightened sense of smell makes them able to detect changes in the body. They can sense changes in temperature, mood, behavior, and pattern.

Thus, they can sense when something is wrong with our bodies and react according to it.

Cats react to temperature change

The primary changes in both a dying and a sick person are their fluctuating temperature.

Felines can identify a dying person from their perspective since its temperature goes down quite fast. A sick person, on the other hand, has a rising temperature.

They seek warmth, so they may act differently to persons with changing temperatures.

Cats react to mood and behavior change

The other thing that the cat senses wrong is mood.

When there’s something wrong with their owner, felines also act differently in response to it.

A sick or dying person usually gets weaker and weaker. Thus, they tend to be less attentive to their pets.

They seek attention and affection. Thus, they may approach their owners if they don’t receive the attention they expect.

Cats react to a change in pattern

Cats learn through a distinct pattern every day, and so if there’s something wrong with their owners, their routine also changes.

For example, a feline may receive late to no dinners when they’re owner isn’t feeling well.

If their owner allows them to go outside a particular time, they may get locked up inside for the day.

The changes in the pattern also affect our pets, and they react differently towards it as well.

When something is wrong with their owners, it’s likely because they are sick or ill. Thus, cats sense not only death but also illness.

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Can cats sense illness in humans?

can cats sense illness in humans

Cats can sense illness the same way they feel the difference stated above.

Using their heightened sense of smell, they can sense the changes in our body chemistry when we get sick or ill.

If we suffer from fever or inflammation, we become warmer than our average temperature.

Now, it’s essential to keep in mind that felines don’t sense illness, weakness, and death supernaturally.

What I mean is that they don’t just know that their owner is sick. They know because they sense not the sickness but the changes due to it.

Thus, while we are feeling weak, to our feline pets, we are perfect.

From a cat’s point of view, our sick bodies are motionless, warmer than usual, and behave well.

When they approach and become cuddly and sweet, it’s not to comfort you. It’s because you’re a perfect place for them to take a rest.

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Would my cat miss me if I died?

Going back to the idea about cats sensing death, you may probably wonder if it will miss you if you die.

Since they sense death, you may think it has something to do with you two having a particular connection.

While felines sense only the changes when you’re sick or dying, it doesn’t mean they won’t care if you pass away.

The truth is, your pet will miss you if you die, as any pet will be to their respective owners.

As you live together, you form a bond. Thus, when you die, your pet will miss you and mourn for you.

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Can animals sense fear in humans?

Aside from sickness and nearing death, animals like cats can also sense fear.

Even so, like any other animal, they will sense not the fear itself but the effects of anxiety. Among these are rapid heartbeat, temperature increase, trembling, and others.

For people who get scared due to sickness or death, the changes in the body increases. Thus, they can sense it with ease.

In Summary

It’s quite fascinating to know that cats don’t sense only the reactions in their owners. Like our relatives and friends, our feline pets can also tell if something is wrong with us.

They can tell if we are sick or dying. As a response, they tend to become more cuddly and sweet.

It may be true that felines do it for their good. Still, we can all agree that it’s quite comforting to have our beloved pets by our side when we’re not feeding well.


Healthwise study about physical and emotional changes as death approaches

Image credits – Photos by Raychan and A Cruikshank on Unsplash

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