Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Me Anymore? (And How to Fix That?)

Like most pets and animals, cats are not capable of holding hate or grudge. Thus, your cat doesn’t stop liking or loving you. If you think so, it may probably be because your pet is acting strange or aloof compared to how it is before between you. The probable reason is that your feline pet is having some problems. You need to figure it out for you and your cat.

So, do you feel like your cat is avoiding you? Or your friend is not looking at you anymore? Not even sleep with you anymore? Or your feline doesn’t want your touch? Well, then you have some problems you need to solve. Let’s get into this.

Common problems why your cat acts strange with you

Your cat is afraid of you

A cat won’t stop expressing affection to its owner unless it becomes frightened.

While they don’t have the same consciousness as humans, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything.

Your pet may get scared of you if you are physically hurting it by any means.

Perhaps it got hurt too much and too frequent that it decided to stay away.

They may be affectionate pets, but they also tend to stay away from people they sense any threat or harm.

Remember that it’s not a good thing to punish a pet by hitting it or hurting it.

If you want to discipline your feline pet, do it in the gentlest way possible.

You stop showing attention and care for your cat

Cats tend to return the affection they receive. When you are kind to your pet, it will return the favor by always staying near you.

Thus, if you stopped showing love and attention, it may also stay away from you.

Perhaps you got another pet, and it might have gotten jealous of it. If you have pets in your house, aside from your kitty, ensure that you give them equal attention.

Even if you’re busy, a gentle massage here and there is enough maintain a healthy relationship.

Your cat has health problems

If you think you didn’t lack attention and love to your cat, it probably has problems.

When a feline feels sick, it’s natural reaction is to act strange and aloof. If your pet is acting weird and keeps avoiding you, it’s highly likely that it’s not feeling well.

If you’re confident that there’s nothing wrong with the way you treat your pet, consult a vet, and ask for an opinion.

Perhaps your cat is already showing symptoms of sickness that lessens its interaction.

As I said in the beginning, they don’t stop liking or loving you. The most probable cause is that you or your pet has problems.

While it’s not a good thing to happen, it doesn’t mean it can’t get fixed.

You can do things to make your pet happy and return the old affection you both once have with each other.

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How can I get my cat to like me again?

why your cat acts strange with you

Below are some of the tips you can use as you try to rekindle your relationship with your feline.

You are always free to use whatever is comfortable and what you feel like using the best.

Let your cat make the first move

If your cat is afraid of you, the best thing you can do is to wait patiently and let them make the first move to approach.

Like any other pets, a scared kitty won’t likely approach if you keep on chasing towards it.

If it got scared because you hit it, the last thing you want is for it to run away out of fright.

Be patient and let it come towards you. That way, your cat will feel like it’s in control and a sense that you are back to your approachable state.

Approach your cat as any cat would

Some experts say that using a feline behavior to deal with the cat is the best way to start again.

If you approach your cat how other felines would, your pet will feel more comfortable and at ease.

As soon as you establish the trust back again, go and continue to bond with it more.

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Pet your cat in its weak spot

As the owner, you probably know the spot your pet likes the most. Once you get the vibe and the trust, tickle your cat once again the areas it like the most.

As soon as you do, your feline friend will undoubtedly get back to its affectionate self towards you.

Give it some space if it reacts negatively

However, if your cat shows signs of aggression in response to your approaches, take a step back.

Give it some time and space to calm down. Once it does, repeat your approach and do it gentler if you can.

Don’t feed too much

One of the most common mistakes of those who wish to earn their trust is feeding them too much.

Indeed, giving a few treats here and there goes a long way, but feeding them too much can take a toll on its health.

Instead of too much food, give it some toys they can play. Reward your pet from time to time, and it will soon go back to its usual response to you.

Play with your pet frequently

If you lack attention, then playing with your cat frequently is the answer to your problem.

Most felines turn away from their owners because they don’t receive the affection they need.

Playing with it every once in a while will help build a good relationship between you two.

Keep your cat indoors

Keeping your feline friend indoors all day is one of the best practices to make it affectionate with you again.

By keeping cats indoors, they can approach you anytime they like. You can even touch them any time by then.

A simple touch once in a while makes a lot of difference compared to those left alone outside.

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In Summary

Cats make excellent pets, and it can be frustrating to witness your pet treat you as a stranger. As affectionate and loving animals, a feline’s love towards their owner is the main perk of owning one. Thus, it’s a sad situation if you don’t get that affection from your friend.

Not all hope is gone, though. Like animals, they don’t hold a grudge.

They give so much affection, and that’s the best thing about them. They don’t care if we have foul breath or if we haven’t showered. I can bet they wouldn’t even mind if we become grumpy sometimes.

If you feel like your pet doesn’t like you anymore, there’s still hope that you can get her affection back.

With the things above, I hope you’ll be able to figure it out.

Are you a stranger to your cat all of a sudden? Find out why.


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