Can Crows Eat Chocolate? (You Will Be Surprised)

If you are wondering – can crows eat chocolate? The answer is no. Crows should not eat chocolate because it’s toxic for them. They can experience vomiting and diarrhea and, in the worst case, even seizures and death. So avoid giving chocolate to them.

But why are chocolates bad for them? Crows are wild birds, and they can eat almost anything from roadkills to even rotting food in the trash bins.

Thus, it can be quite puzzling to think they cannot eat such a sweet treat.

Is chocolate a toxic thing for other wild birds as well? Let’s find out!

Is chocolate bad for wild birds?

The simple answer is: yes, chocolate is bad for other wild birds, the same as crows.

In the first place, you shouldn’t offer wild birds many of the food we enjoy, such as chocolates. Thus, it would be best if you were wary about giving other food with chocolate in it.

The reason is that chocolate contains theobromine, which, according to a study, is not only toxic for pets but also wild animals.

Almost everyone knows that chocolates are toxic for pets such as cats. With the same principle, it can cause harm to wild birds like crows.

Since wild birds like crows forage on their own, they rarely encounter chocolates.

As they hunt in the wild, chocolate poisoning is not something they should be wary.

Nevertheless, some of these birds tend to forage in trashes and litter they can find near houses.

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What happens if a crow eats chocolate?

The same thing with other pets, crows would experience difficulty in digesting chocolate. Such a problem is due to its theobromine content.

Crows may have an enhanced digestive system that can tolerate raw meat and even rotting food.

Still, the theobromine content of any chocolate can be toxic for them.

Thus, if a crow eats chocolate, especially large amounts of it, it can experience digestive issues.

Any corvid or bird that ingested chocolate may induce vomiting and diarrhea.

What makes it worse is that too much chocolate intake for birds can increase heart rate.

Such an instance can lead to hyperactivity, tremors, and seizures, all leading to death.

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What to do if crow ate chocolate?

crow ate chocolate

The thing about chocolate toxicity to pets is that you can take yours to a vet immediately. However, that’s not the case for crows.

If it’s your pet, like a dog, a cat, or a parrot, you can simply rush it to a vet for an immediate health response.

Since crows are wild birds, you cannot take it to a vet with ease.

The odds are these birds will go somewhere far if they feel any pain or health problems.

If, in any case, you found a crow suffering from chocolate poisoning, you may want to call the local authorities.

First, don’t touch the crow. If they are suffering, you can easily approach them. However, that’s not a good move.

It may see your approach as a threat and might warn other crows about it.

If they sense you as a threat, you’ll be in their bad people list as long as you live.

What you should do is to let it be while asking the local authorities about who should respond.

Usually, there’s a local avian veterinarian that could help. If the authorized person can’t come, it may give you instructions on dealing with the crow.

Since they are wild birds, it’s quite a big deal to let them on their own and not hold them captive.

To avoid such incidents, just avoid letting any chocolates out in the open for crows to notice. It will be more comfortable that way.

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What should you not feed crows?

Now that we know that there is a toxic food for crows, it begs the question: What other food shouldn’t crows eat?

Aside from chocolate, the following are also toxic to crows. Thus, be mindful not to feed them these:

Apple Seeds

The actual fruit may not be harmful to them. However, the seeds can. Apple seeds contain cyanide that can be toxic for crows and other birds as well.

If you’re going to feed apples, be sure to offer it in pieces and with seeds removed.


Avocados are toxic to almost every bird, and that includes these birds. Avoid giving them such, both the skin and the fruit, to prevent harming them.


Onions can also be fatal to these birds as much as it is to other animals. Avoid putting onions and any other scraps with onions when feeding crows.


A little amount of alcohol can be harmful to these birds. Thus, be sure to clean your area from any liquor they might sip.


Mushrooms contain chemicals that are bad for these birds. Thus, don’t include mushrooms in the list of food you will allow them.


Salt can cause severe kidney problems and failure to these birds. Avoid feeding crows anything seasoned with salt.


Caffeine intake may be dangerous for crows. It can offer the same problems as chocolates. Thus, be sure not to include caffeine when feeding crows.


This one is not hard, since these birds won’t probably eat beans. Beans are toxic to birds, especially the raw ones. Even if you cook it, a crow won’t munch on it as much as it hates peas.


The tomato itself may not be harmful to crows, but the leaves and the stem contain something toxic to crows. To be sure, just avoid including tomato when feeding crows.


Chocolate can be harmful to crows. Thus, at all times, avoid feeding crows around some chocolate.

If you own a bird feeder near your house, then many birds may be hanging around your home. If so, prevent chocolate poisoning by freeing your area from chocolate litter.

At the same time, be wary of the food above. Do it, especially if you’re planning to offer birds some food aside from typical birdseed.


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Image credits – Photos by Jesse van Vliet and Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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