Do crows eat spiders?

The simple answer is Yes. Crows do eat spiders. Crows are omnivores, which means they have a wide range of food options. Aside from plants and small animals, they can also eat invertebrates and insects. Thus, if a crow sees a spider nearby, the blackbird will go and grab it by its beak.

Since crows eat spiders, you may wonder how they can eat and locate such tiny insects.

In the first place, spiders aren’t that noticeable, much more from a perspective of a flying crow.

Both animals are fascinating on their own, but they can be more interesting as they interact.

Let’s get into this more.

Spiders as Prey to Crows

In general, many birds that include insects in their diet have spiders too. As crows can eat insects, they won’t say no to spiders.

Crows are more of a scavenger than an avid hunter. For this reason, they tend to maximize and get whatever they can in the area where they live.

These blackbirds don’t tend to go far, especially when searching for food.

Whatever they see as potential food in their area, that’s what they’ll pursue.

That’s how most crows get to see spiders.

Now, we must know where spiders live, as it will make us understand how crows locate them.

Where do spiders live?

Spiders can live everywhere except for the icy places. Thus, spiders are in almost every habitat in the world.

The only places where no spiders can survive are the polar regions and the highest mountains. Spiders also don’t exist in oceans.

However, some species live in the ocean’s edges, in the rocks and coral crevices.

Most spiders prefer living in quiet and undisturbed areas. Further, they would opt to live in areas where moisture and food are available.

By food, that means bugs and other small insects they can kill.

Thus, there exist both house spiders, which live among houses. And, there are outdoor spiders that live in forests, in tree branches, and leaves.

With this in mind, spiders that often become victims of crows are usually the outdoor ones. These spiders are those that live in the woods or any tree.

Now, how do crows locate and eat spiders?

How do crows locate spiders?

It won’t be accurate to say that crows hunt spiders. The reason is that crows don’t track or search for a spider.

As stated above, crows are more scavenger birds than hunters. It means that they would go for whatever is available, and not look for something they can’t see.

Since spiders usually live in hiding and move out more at night, how can crows see them?

The simple answer is that where there are bugs, there are spiders.

Thus, crows locate spiders most of the time while catching other bugs.

While crows can eat spiders, both animals also share in the diet when it comes to bugs.

Crows usually hunt for bugs in lawns, in tree branches, and even in twigs and leaves.

At the same time, spiders look for bugs and live mainly in these places.

For this reason, crows and spiders may get to meet in these areas.

There is some prey for spiders that get stuck in their web. If a crow suddenly sees these stuck insects, they will likely locate spiders as well.

How often do crows eat spiders?

Crows may or may not eat spiders.

When it comes to how often they eat spiders, the primary factor is its availability.

Crows eat whatever is available and will not look for one that’s not around.

Thus, crows in an area with plenty of spiders get to include spiders in their daily food intake.

For crows in areas where there are little to no spiders they are more likely to eat spiders only once in a while.

No matter how often or seldom, a crow’s general reaction is to eat a spider whenever they spot one.

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How do spiders protect themselves?

Spiders have a lot of predators around their natural habitat. For this reason, they have created methods to manage their survival.

Further, unlike other species, they aren’t fast animals. Thus, they have to make up for it.

Below are the following defense mechanisms they use. Some of them work against crows, while some don’t.

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Spiders blend with their surroundings

Spiders can blend well in an environment where they usually stay. Most of them mix in twigs or dried leaves and are almost impossible to notice.

This mechanism may work if crows are far enough. If a crow is already too close, the camouflage may be a futile thing.

Spiders have many colors to confuse predators

A lot of species of spiders have a variety of colors. As a result, a lot of predators don’t take chances of eating them.

The reason is that their colors make them look like a crawling poison. A predator would be smart enough to fend off than take such a risk.

Unfortunately, crows don’t mind how their prey looks. Further, crows have enhanced the digestive system. It can tolerate poison if ever a spider has it.

Some spiders taste terrible

While not all, some spiders have an awful taste that makes their predators stop eating.

It’s not kind of helpful, though, since predators only know it when they already did severe damage.

Again, crows have a wide variety of food options. While they can tolerate even rotting meat, they can eat awful tasting spiders as well.

Spiders use their hair against predators

Spiders have fine hairs in their bodies. These hairs may be of help against predators since they can be irritating and alarming.

Most predators affected by a spider’s hair usually run off and tend to leave them alone.

While it may work for small insects, there’s little to no possibility that crows may be affected.

Spiders can jump high

Spiders may not have muscles in their legs, but they have hydraulic power to move.

Thus, spiders can take jumps high and long enough to make their escape. Since they can’t run fast, they jump to compensate for it.

This mechanism may also work for other insects. For crows, a spider won’t be able to jump once the blackbird lands a single peck.

Spiders make use of their webs

Apart from all these abilities, every spider’s primary defense is their webs.

A spider’s web is powerful enough to turn the tides for spiders, from prey to predators. The traps are enough to restrain small insects that are curious enough to chase a spider.

Once they get stuck on the web, the spider will work its way to restraining it completely by wrapping it with nets.

The webs also provide the best area for them to retreat.

Even so, for crows and other prominent animals, a web will most be useless.

Spiders use their venom against other animals

Regardless of being prey or predator, spiders use their venom either to attack or to defend.

Spiders have sharp teeth that can quickly penetrate predators and their prey.

The venom is enough to make their enemies ill, immobile, or kill. Unfortunately, before a spider gets near a crow to bite, they’ll most likely be dead already.

Is it safe for crows to eat spiders?

A spider’s venom may be worth worrying, as they can make enemies ill, immobile, and even cause death.

Even so, these venoms usually work only through a spider’s bite. Thus, a crow eating a spider isn’t that dangerous or risky.

Further, if a spider can be quite venomous, that poison will lose its toxicity inside the crow.

Crows have a digestive system that suits all types of food. That particular capability helps them withstand even rotting dead animals.

It’s also the reason why they can tolerate almost all varieties of food they can get.

What other insects do crows eat?

Crows eat whatever they find available in the area where they live. Aside from spiders, there are other insects that crows find most in every place. These are:

  • Beetles
  • Grasshoppers
  • Locusts
  • Crickets
  • Snails
  • Amphibians
  • Wireworms
  • Caterpillars
  • Cutworms

What other animals eat spiders?

Unfortunately for spiders, the world has many predators that would be glad to eat them.

Thus, aside from crows, spiders need to watch out and avoid the following.

  • Lizards, especially geckos and chameleons
  • Toads
  • Birds like robins and wrens
  • Tarantula Hawks
  • Spider Wasps
  • Fishes such as trout, archers, and mosquito fish
  • Monkeys
  • Centipedes
  • Scorpions
  • Other Spiders


  • Crows do eat spiders. Crows aren’t picky eaters, and they can eat whatever they see as potential food. As long as a crow gets to see a spider, it will eat one.
  • Crows eat spiders like they eat other insects. Spiders become easy prey for crows since they are usually visible through their webs or other bugs.
  • Spiders live almost everywhere. Crows usually find them in tree branches and leaves where they set their webs.
  • Crows don’t hunt spiders. They will only eat one if they see it. Thus, a crow may or may not eat spiders. How often crows eat depends on the spiders appearing in their sight.
  • Spiders protect themselves through various methods. Even so, most plans don’t usually work if they are up against crows.
  • Aside from spiders, crows eat a wide range of insects as well.
  • Aside from crows, other animals eat and hunt for spiders.

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