Do Crows Eat Frogs? (Is It Dangerous?)

Crows eat frogs, yes. They even have a defense mechanism against toxins that might have some kind of frogs, for example, Cane Toad. Other frogs eating birds are Cranes, Jays, Kites, or Rails. So, don’t worry if you see a crow eating a frog, it will be okay.

These birds are famous for eating a wide range of options, both plant-based, and meat.

Frogs have good meat, and they can be quite a treat for hungry crows.

Still, you may wonder if it’s safe for them to eat such animals.

Let’s get into it.

Is it OK for crows to eat frogs?

Apparently, having frogs as part of a crow’s diet doesn’t cause any harm.

In fact, frogs have meat that can provide some nutrients to crows that eats them.

In many places, frogs are considered as meals, even for people. Nutrition value even states that for every 100 grams of frog meat, there is a 32% protein, which is 16 grams.

Thus, for crows who need protein, such animals can even be a healthy diet.

Even for humans, eating frogs is just as safe as eating chicken meat or pork and beef.

For scavenger birds like these corvids, a frog is not only a healthy treat but a great one in terms of taste.

Although most frogs that crows eat are the typical frogs in ponds and farms, they can also eat tree frogs.

Tree frogs are typically smaller, and they always tend to stay on trees. With crows hanging around mostly in trees, they often peck on this type of frog.

Frogs are relatively slower compared to these birds, so chasing isn’t the actual issue. What makes it hard for these corvids is when the frogs dive into the water.

Since crows can’t follow them, it’ll likely be safe. Most crows tend to catch frogs in farms and the ones sticking in trees.

Now, let’s see if frogs pose any threats for crows.

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Are frogs dangerous for crows?

are frogs dangerous to crows

While typical frogs may not pose any threat to crows, some are harmful, especially in the wild.

These frogs are poisonous. Still, it’s quite fascinating to know that crows are intelligent enough to device a way to eat such frogs.

According to Science Alert, some crows have figured out how to eat poisonous frogs safely.

I wouldn’t go over the details of how these corvids did it, but yes, they have done it somehow.

The thing about crows is that they are intelligent birds. Their intelligence comes a long way, mostly when they are foraging for food.

If a crow dies, they gather around it (a funeral) to study it and inform other crows about it.

As a result, if ever a crow dies of poison from a frog, they’ll be able to know it and warn other crows not to go for such animals.

Thus, if you ever worry about crows, it’s not necessary. These birds can handle themselves well.

Now, how about the frogs? How do they manage to survive amidst predators like crows?

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How can frogs protect themselves?

For frogs, the world is a dangerous place filled with animals that wish to hunt them. For this reason, frogs often do some measures to survive.

Here’s how frogs protect themselves:

Skin Color

Some frogs use skin colors to confuse or warn their enemies that they are poisonous or taste bad.


Although not all, many frogs have poison glands in their body. They release such toxic liquids all over their body to shoo predators away.


Some frogs know how to scream, and they do so every time a predator approaches. Their screams are enough to scare their enemies away.

Panoramic Eye

Some frogs can bulge their eyes, making them see in a panoramic view. With such ability, they can notice any approaching threat immediately.


Frogs do have a skin that blends with their surroundings. They have a color similar to where they live. Even the texture of their skin is enough to conceal their bodies when predators hunt them.

Play Dead

Some frogs can pretend to be dead and stop breathing. It confuses the enemies’ senses to think that there are no signs of life in whatever they try to search.

Eyes on the back

Some frogs have eyes on their back, and they use it to scare predators away. Further, this eye can release foul-smelling substances to repel predators.

Puff up

Some frogs try to make themselves larger by inhaling a lot of air. By doing so, they confuse enemies to think they are too big to swallow.


Some frogs urinate as they jump. Their urine contains a strong smell that is enough to conceal their scent and escape.

With all these things, they can put up quite a challenge to predators. Still, with a crow’s intelligence, they’ll always be up for that challenge.

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What kind of birds eat frogs?

Aside from crows, few other birds take frogs as part of their diet.

Most of these birds live in freshwater biomes, while others live in the same areas as frogs.

Below are the following birds that would eat a frog:

  • Herons
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Swans
  • Wading Birds
  • Gulls
  • Ravens
  • Hawks


Among their many options, crows include frogs in the list of the things they eat.

With crows living in areas near ponds and farms, a frog’s meat is a source of nutrient they’ll be happy to have.

Not all frogs are indeed safe. Still, crows are intelligent enough to know how to deal with it.


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Image credits – Photos by Tyler Quiring and Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash

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