Do Crows Eat Corn? (Keep Them Away or Befriend Them? Learn How!)

Crows eat corn, yes. In the end, they’re eating literally any food they can find. It might be anything from corn, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds to rolled oats. Do you want to know how to befriend a crow with corn or if crows eat corn on the cob? You’re in the right place.

The thing about crows is that they are opportunistic omnivores. For this reason, they tend to eat whatever they see available.

Since there is a lot of corn in farms and fields, it’s no wonder why these crops are part of their diet.

Let’s get into it more!

Do crows eat corn on the cob?

Crows do eat corn on the cob, yes. Unlike other animals who liked corn already ripped, these birds aren’t picky.

As much as corn is nutritious for us, so are they for these birds. Further, other animals also share in the corn eating activities.

Still, many birds, especially the ground-feeding ones, prefer cracked corn and corn kernels. These types of birds are doves and native sparrows.

For crows, they won’t choose the form of the corns. Whether it’s on the cob or plucked as kernels, it’ll do.

The thing why these birds can eat corn on the cob is that they can tolerate their rawness.

There are animals, especially the domestic ones, that can’t eat raw corn. As a result, most owners of these pets cook the corn first before feeding.

For crows, they can target corn on the cob immediately as it rises on the plant.

Still, if you’re planning to feed some corn to crows that hang around near you, you may want to give it to them in kernels.

By doing so, you may even befriend them.

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Can you attract and befriend a crow with corn?

crow on the grass

Attracting and befriending a crow looks almost a bizarre thing to do. Still, some people find them fascinating.

If you’re interested in befriending crows, then yes, you can do such a thing by using corn.

Trying to attract and befriend a crow is quite an easy task. Since they are omnivores, they pretty much eat anything.

Still, it would be best to give them their favorites when you’re trying to befriend them. Although there’s a long list, one of these foods is corn.

Crows favor corn the same as they prefer nuts and meat. Thus, using corn is a sure way to attract these birds, mostly if they’re always lurking around.

Most people who want to befriend crows place bird feeders near their house, usually in their yard.

If you have one, you can always place corn kernels and water in there. A while after, and you’ll have crows feeding on it. If you don’t have a feeding station, you can scatter the corn on the ground.

Crows are scavengers, and they won’t miss it, especially if you scatter it in the open.

The worst thing about these birds is also their best thing – they remember faces. Thus, feeding them will make them remember you as a friend and not a threat.

People who approach them and shoo them away often get harassed by their group. If you regularly feed them, soon they’ll be hanging around more in your area.

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Now, if you don’t find crows fascinating, odds are you find them annoying.

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How do I keep crows from eating my corn?

Since crows eat corn, they are famous pests for those who own a cornfield.

Some crows tend to stay near cornfields, and they do roost in large groups. Thus, they can bring quite a lot of damage to crops.

There are some measures you can do to keep these birds from eating the corn for such problems.

Protect the cob with a bag or plastic

The most ideal way to solve this problem is by placing a cover on each cob of corn.

After the silk has turned brown, you can place a bag over each ear. Secure it so the birds won’t be able to take it off quickly.

Scare away the crows

Placing scarecrows may be traditional, but it can work. The problem is that these corvids are smart enough to know they’re fake after some time.

With this in mind, it’s ideal for changing the position of these things regularly. You could also place a plastic owl as it even scares these birds away.

Use shiny things

Crows don’t like shiny things. Thus, many people repel them effectively by hanging CDs throughout the yard. You can also hang aluminum plates.

Play predator sounds

These birds have predators that make them flee just by hearing the sound. You can play such sounds to frighten them.

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What can Crows not eat?

Although crows have a wide range of food options, there are also some things that they can’t eat.

Whether you want to feed your crow or you want them to stay away, knowing this information may come in handy.

Apparently, these birds cannot eat the following:

  • Onions (extremely toxic for many animals)
  • Chocolate (toxic for most animals)
  • Caffeine (same toxicity as chocolates)
  • Salt (can cause severe kidney problems for these birds)
  • Apple Seeds (contains cyanide that is toxic for many birds)
  • Avocados (both skin and fruit are toxic for these birds)
  • Alcohol (don’t let them sip such drinks)
  • Mushrooms (contains chemicals that are harmful to birds)
  • Beans (they won’t even dare eat one, they don’t like it)
  • Tomato (the stem and the leaves contains something toxic)


Crows eat corn, and people often take this fact either positively or negatively. While some people use corn to befriend these birds, others loathe them for being destructive pests.

How about you? What’s your story with crows?


Image credits – Photos by Luke Ow and Ben Butterworth on Unsplash

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