Do crows eat mice?

Yes, crows do eat mice. Crows are omnivores and have a wide range of food to consume. Thus, they can feed on both plant-based diets as well as small animals. Crows can eat mice and hunt a live one if they see it.

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Do crows hunt mice and rats?

Crows can hunt mice and rats. While they don’t necessarily search for them, they will pursue one if they see them.

Unlike other predator birds, crows have a peculiar way of hunting down mice or a rat.

Upon seeing a live mouse, a crow would first try to wear it down by continuously attacking the root of its tail.

As the mouse weakens, the smart crow would peck it to death.

If they are in a dangerous area, the crow will take the dead mice and eat it somewhere safer.

There are a lot of witnesses who can prove this effective hunting strategy of crows.

On a particular video clip’s comment, a witness states:

The rat likely isn’t poisoned. They probably had been fighting for some time before the recording started. A Crow or Ravin will repeatedly tug a rat’s tail to wear them out then peck them to death.

Got a lot of Crows in my back yard and not a rat in sight. Damn good birds.

Lia Killsalot

Do crows kill rats?

Yes, crows kill rats. These intelligent birds won’t say no to a dead rat, but if they see a live one, they will kill it.

By saying this, it doesn’t mean that killing rats is a part of their daily activities.

Crows are opportunists and scavengers.

With a wide range of options, they would pick out the easiest and the most available one for consumption.

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Mice as prey

Mice are prey animals by nature.

What makes them prey to crows and other predators is that they pose no extreme danger.

These little creatures have been a nuisance to us. They play their role more as pests rather than pets, munching on crops and other food.

Thus, they have no intention to fight back if hunted. A mouse would more likely try to escape rather than fight for its life.

Mice and other kinds of rodents are usually quick and hard to search.

But, once they become visible to predators, they are pretty easy to hunt down.

For crows, they would more likely target small mice. The big ones can move more quickly and are hard to kill by crows.

With crows having no sharp beaks and claws for an instant kill, it would take them minutes to kill a big mouse.

Take a look at crow hunting mouse in this video:

Where do mice live?

An encounter with crows and mice happens every time due to their similar locations.

Mice aren’t hard to find as they live nearly every country and type of terrain.

There are mice in forests, grasslands, and even in buildings. They can also nest on other human-made structures such as sewers and streets.

They go underground if they are in the wild as it helps them escape from predators.

Still, as much as they live most of their time hiding, they go out every once in a while to gather food.

Crows pretty much live everywhere as well. Because of this, they can frequently encounter mice and hunt them down upon seeing.

Crows that live in farms and rural areas usually find mice loitering on roadsides and grass.

It is easy for them as they can spot with ease through their view from above.

Mice living in buildings face more threats from cats and other predators.

Still, crows can also catch mice running around the streets and near the trash. It is because, like mice, crows also go for garbage to look for food.

Which is faster? Mice or Crows?

For humans, mice and rats are speedy to escape and hide if they are in danger.

However, compared to the speed of its predators, mice don’t stand a chance if they go for a run.

The average speed of mice can go up to 8.1 mph, while a crow’s flight speed can reach 70 mph.

Thus, if ever there will be a chase to happen, a mouse should pray for a nearby hiding place to be able to escape.

Can I leave a dead mouse for the ravens or crows?

If you happen to catch and kill mice, you may feed them to ravens or crows hovering near your area.

Remember: be sure to feed the mice only if you didn’t poison it. A poisoned mouse can be harmful to crows and ravens if they eat it.

If it died without poison, you could leave it outside where the crows and ravens can see.

It is much better to let ravens or crows eat them instead of dumping it somewhere.

This way, you’ll save yourself from the foul smell of rotting mice.

Other Animals that Eat Mice

Aside from crows, a lot of predators also include mice in their diet.

Being prey by nature, mice are a tasty meal loitering around the predators’ eyes.

Listed below are the other animals that eat mice:


Birds are famous for being rat-eaters.

Raptor birds like eagles, hawks, and owls can instantly swoop down and instantly kill rats.

Non-raptor birds like crows can also eat all kinds of rodents if they find them. The others are herons and blue jays.


When it comes to reptiles, bigger lizards can eat mice.

But, it is the snakes who hunts for mice as their primary source of nutrition.


Different mammals also compete in getting mice for their meal.

House cats are famous for catching mice, but they don’t eat one after killing them. On the other hand, wild cats will.

More significant members of the cat family, such as lions, tigers, and jaguars, need hearty meals. Nevertheless, they won’t say no to mice if they see it.

Canines can also eat mice. Domestic dogs won’t dare eat one, but wolves foxes and coyotes will.

Lastly, ferrets can also eat mice, but ideally, you should give a dead one to ensure its safety.


  • Crows do eat mice. While they would prefer a dead mouse, they will hunt a live one if they see it.
  • Crows do not necessarily search for mice, as they can opt for something more manageable. They will only do so if they see one nearby.
  • Mice are prey animals. Crows and other predators pursue them because they don’t fight back and pose no danger if hunted.
  • Crows and mice both live almost everywhere, so it’s usual for them to confront each other. Be it in the garbage or on farms; you’ll be able to see a crow eating a mouse.
  • While a chase doesn’t happen most of the time, a crow can catch mice with ease because it is much faster.
  • Crows can survive on their own and don’t need feeding. Even so, you can feed a dead mouse for them if it didn’t die from poison.
  • Aside from crows, other animals eat and hunt mice. These are other birds, reptiles, and even mammals.

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