Do crows eat snakes?

Yes, crows do eat snakes. They aren’t picky eaters and will eat snakes and any other food they find out there.

Even so, there’s a catch.

While crows kill and eat snakes, they may end up dead.

As much as snakes are prey, they can also be one of the most dangerous predators.

Let’s dig into this more.

Are snakes prey or predators?

As stated above, snakes can be both prey and predator.

What makes them different from other prey that crows target is that they are carnivores. Thus, snakes are more dangerous compared to other victims.

In most ecosystems, snakes can act as predators, but can also become helpless prey.

Giant snakes are dangerous in the sense that they can be poisonous and fast. Thus, they can eat big animals and kill them with ease.

Thus, a crow that would dare peck on them may end up getting stung with a wrong move.

If a crow gets lucky enough, it may kill the snake. Even so, that would mean long minutes of endless pecking and turn around.

Small snakes and other types with no poison in their body can be an easy target to other predators.

Aside from crows, there are raptor birds that have sharper beaks and claws. With these capabilities, these predators can drive a snake to an instant kill.

Some snakes serve as predators to other snakes. For example, a kingsnake can prey on a rattlesnake. The reason is that a kingsnake is immune to the rattlesnake venom.

With snakes proving themselves dangerous, would a crow be brave enough to attack one?

Would a crow attack a snake?

Yes, In the eyes of a crow, a snake is a possible meal despite its size.

Upon seeing one, a crow will approach a snake and will try to hunt it down.

Now the exciting part starts here.

How would a crow attack a snake?

While snakes can be pretty aggressive to its prey as well on the one preying on it, a crow has its way of dealing with it.

For crows, the size of a snake or any other prey doesn’t matter.

A crow would harass a snake by endless pecking until it wears down and dies.

What makes the hunt long and challenging is that snakes tend to find back.

A crow would jump and let out a loud caw after a quick peck. This intelligent bird would do this continuously until it kills the snake in success.

You can check the video of crow attacking a snake right below:

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How do snakes protect itself from crows?

Snakes don’t tend to run if attacked by a predator.

Instead, they bend in such a manner that they would hastily pounce towards the enemy if it gets too close. It goes the same way when they are attacking their prey.

This protective measure works for bigger snakes as well as with the poisonous ones.

In the case of smaller snakes, they can fall in the claws and beaks of intelligent and persistent crows.

Where do snakes like to live?

Snakes live almost everywhere in the world. They can live in forests, deserts, swamps, and grasslands.

Many snakes frequent on underground burrows or spaces under the rocks.

Other snakes can even live in water.

For this reason, crows and snakes often encounter each other.

Thus, it’s a no-brainer why many cameras catch a fight between these two creatures.

Which is faster? Snake or Crow?

When it comes to speed, a snake can pretty much overpower a crow.

Studies show that a snake has an acceleration of 160 meters per second. That’s an estimate of 357 mph.

If a crow made a wrong move, even with its flight speed of 70mph, a snake would get a bite.

While a snake can be much faster, a crow uses its intelligence to catch one.

That’s why it’s interesting to see who will win in the battle between these two.

Who will win in a fight? Crow or snake?

Unlike other animals that prey on snakes, crows can take a while to kill.

Videos depict that crows take minutes to kill a small snake, while it can take only seconds for raptor birds.

If a snake is more prominent, the crow may even end up dead.

In a confrontation between these two, it’s not accurate to say that a particular creature will be the winner.

A crow may outwit a snake, but at the same time, the snake can outrun the crow.

In a fight between a crow and a snake, the winner goes by who gets the other first. For the crow below it didn’t end up well.

Snake eating crow

Are crows friendly?

If you think crows are friendly, think again. Crows can be familiar to those who are kind to them and can be vengeful if you are mean to them.

While they can kill snakes and get rid of pests, they can also be pests themselves.

Aside from hunting down pests, they can also eat off fruits and crops in your yard.

They can also be quite annoying with their loud caws. It can be worse if they gather around you as a flock.

Further, they can be harmful to you if they sense you are mean or dangerous to them.

Do crows eat garter snakes?

Yes, the American crow eats garter snakes.

But what is a garter snake?

A garter snake is a commonly-used name for harmless snakes, ranging from small to medium in sizes.

By their name, they are of garter sizes. It is also for this reason that crows target them frequently.

Do other animals attack snakes?

Aside from crows, other predator birds are famous for preying on snakes.

The primary birds on the list are eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and herons.

Aside from birds, snakes of all kinds also prey on their fellow-creatures.

Thus, birds and other snakes are the most common when it comes to snake predators.

Still, there are plenty of mammals eyeing on snakes for meals such as mongoose and honey badgers.


  • Crows do eat snakes. They aren’t picky eaters and will eat snakes as long as they can get their hands on one.
  • Snakes can be prey and predator at the same time. For this reason, crows may find it challenging to take them down compared to other victims they encounter.
  • Despite the danger, a crow would still try to attack a snake.
  • A crow would try to hunt down a snake by pecking on it until it wears down and die.
  • Crows and snakes have almost similar habitats. Thus, they encounter each other nearly every time.
  • When it comes to speed, snakes can be much quicker and faster.
  • In a fight, it’s not easy to determine who will win. A crow may outsmart a snake while a snake may outrun a crow.
  • While crows can be friendly, they can still become a nuisance and a pest.
  • Crows would prefer garter snakes as these are much easier to kill and hunt.
  • Other animals can attack snakes. Aside from birds, other mammals, and even other snakes can attack their kind.

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