Do crows eat pigeons?

The short answer to this is Yes. Crows do eat pigeons, but not always. Crows are omnivores, which means they aren’t picky eaters. They are also famous for hunting and scavenging. With pigeons roaming around and feeding on seeds, crows may take notice of them and give them a peck. A pigeon feeding on the ground poses no threats to crows exactly. But, they can also do more than standing still in front of crows.

Pigeons seem to be one of the friendliest birds around. They can even be an attraction to many places they flock.

Even so, there’s more to pigeons that need unraveling.

Let’s get into it deeper.

Pigeons as prey to crows

There are many things and reasons why pigeons become prey for crows and other predators.

Pigeons pose little to no threat to predators

Unlike other birds and animals, pigeons pose little to no threats to predators that wish to harm them.

Pigeons are famous like doves, symbolizing a good omen or peace, and it’s not something made up.

These birds aren’t interested in fights and are always on an escaping mode if pursued by a predator.

Pigeons are herbivores

Pigeons are herbivores, meaning they fill their tummies only with seeds and grains.

Thus, you can always see one munching and pecking on grass or grounds for seeds and grains.

Pigeons are famous in flocking and serving as an attraction. Thus, they don’t tend to leave or flee from people, especially from those with grains in their hands.

For this reason, crows, who also peck on grains and seeds, usually peck on pigeons while they’re at it.

Where do pigeons live?

In the wild, pigeons often live in rocky cliffs.

They always build their nests in cliffs, as they tend to challenge predators who wish to come.

They can also live in flocks near docks or near coastal areas. Even so, pigeons are famous for flocking in cities, and even serving as an attraction.

Why do they prefer it there, you may ask.

Why do pigeons live in cities?

Pigeons are famous in cities and serve as a tourist attraction. They do so, not because people, mainly tourists, feed them.

The main reason is that pigeons find their habitat, which is cliffs, like the cities’ buildings.

Pigeons that have learned to live in urban areas have been there for as long as tallest buildings.

With having similar habitats, it’s a no-brainer why crows tend to peck and harass pigeons.

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Crows or Pigeons: Which is faster?

When it comes to speed, crows and pigeons have a big difference. They won’t usually chase each other. But if they do, the upper hand would be with the crows.

It is because the average speed of pigeons ranges up to 50 mph. On the other hand, a crow can have a steady flight of 60 mph and a dive of 70 mph.

Pigeons tend to escape if harassed. Even so, it’s not likely that a crow would pursue if it leaves the area that crows consider their territory.

How do crows hunt pigeons?

Crows are famous for using their intelligence as their hunting skill.

If a crow were harassing a pigeon, it would weaken the prey by pecking on it.

A crow’s tactic is to get behind its prey. If it’s a pigeon, it tends to turn around to face the crow.

The continuous movement of the crow would make the pigeon dizzy enough to slow down. That’s when a crow would start to peck.

It can also happen that pigeons and crows would get on a hard fight. They can fight like cocks in an arena, holding nothing back.

Even so, the usual winner in these fights is the crow, since crows are better hunters compared to pigeons.

Do crows attack a pigeon’s nest?

Any nest is a temptation for a crow. Thus, a crow will undoubtedly attack a pigeon’s nest if it sees one unguarded.

Crows prefer easy kills if they intend to eat something alive. Thus, a bird’s egg or young is the best option.

Most nests receive intense protection by their mother, and a crow is smart enough not to attack it.

Even so, if a crow sees an unguarded nest, it will undoubtedly dive and eat anything alive in there.

Do crows eat dead pigeons?

Crows are famous for eating dead animals, also known as carrion.

As crows can hunt down a pigeon, they absolutely won’t say no to a dead one.

More than anything, crows prefer easy meals, as they are famous for being opportunists.

While pigeons are intelligent enough to avoid dangers, accidents may happen.

A lot of pigeons can become victims of vehicles. Thus, leading to roadkill.

Crows prefer roadkills more than live ones, as they are easy meal rather than hunting a live one.

How do pigeons protect themselves from predators?

The safety and protection of pigeons lie on their numbers or population.

Pigeons flock in large numbers to protect and defend themselves from predators.

With their large numbers, they can discourage predators from taking on them.

Pigeons stabilize their population according to the food available in their area.

If they need to move, they can speed up to 50 mph and endure long travels like up to 600 miles every day.

More than their flock, the hearing, and vision of pigeons are also excellent. It makes them capable of sensing predators lurking nearby.

Despite these, they still have a weakness that makes them a crow’s victim.

Why do crows kill pigeons?

Crows are more of opportunistic hunters rather than wild hunters.

With this in mind, remember that while crows can kill and harass, they tend to go for an easy meal available.

A crow would take on a pigeon, especially if that bird is weak or injured. These blackbirds tend to feed on helpless animals, as these types are the ones that can’t escape or fight.

As intelligent predators, they are careful. Thus, they will only harm a pigeon if they don’t sense any serious threats around.

If a pigeon tends to fight back, a crow is always ready to get back. Even so, it doesn’t mean that a crow would retreat.

It will try to weaken the pigeon until it dies.

Do crows scare off pigeons?

Pigeons know how to distance themselves from crows. Even so, they are trusting birds that they don’t pay enough attention to crows that pose a danger.

Pigeons trusts with ease. To them, passerby and other people aren’t dangerous, and they can trust anyone and any animal.

This trust goes to the extent that they don’t care about who is next to them.

For this reason, they don’t usually react negatively to approaching crows. Thus, before they realize it, it’s already too late.

What animals kill pigeons?

Aside from crows, pigeons have a lot more predators they need to watch out for and avoid.

For feral pigeons, the famous predators are:

  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Red-tailed Hawks
  • Great Horned Owls
  • Eastern Screech-Owls
  • Accipiters

The following predators are also famous for hunting down pigeons:

  • American Kestrels
  • Golden Eagles
  • Gulls
  • Ravens


  • Crows do eat pigeons. Crows aren’t picky eaters. Thus, while they may eat seeds like pigeons, they can devour these birds themselves.
  • Pigeons are easy prey to crows because they pose no threat, and they are herbivores.
  • Pigeons often live in rocky cliffs. They tend to live in flocks in urban areas and near coastal areas. These areas are the place where they meet crows.
  • When it comes to speed, crows are much faster than pigeons.
  • Crows hunt pigeons he same way they hunt other live prey. They try to weaken the game until they can kill it with ease.
  • Crows can also attack a pigeon’s nest. They prefer nestlings that can’t fight than adult birds who can.
  • As much as they would hunt a live one, crows won’t say no to a dead pigeon. Dead pigeons are none other than carrion, and crows do favor carrion a lot.
  • Crows kill pigeons because they need to feed, and pigeons are easy prey.
  • While pigeons stay away from crows, they are also trusting them, which is why crows can attack them with ease.
  • Aside from pigeons, crows can target, hunt, and kill other birds.
  • Aside from crows, other animals would eat a pigeon if they see one.

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