Do crows eat chickens?

The short answer to this is Yes. Crows do eat chickens. Crows are famous for being scavengers and hunters. They are also omnivores, which means they can eat almost anything from plants to meat. With chickens running in flocks with little chicks, crows would go for them as a meal.

But that’s not all there is to chickens.

While crows can eat them, it doesn’t usually turn out successful. Crows may prey on chickens, but not on every single chicken they see.

Let’s dive into chickens and crows more.

Chickens as prey to crows

Chickens are favorite meals for us humans, but they can also attract hungry crows.

They are domestic animals and can be easy targets for crows, especially if they live in the same area.

Chickens come in many variations. These differences are the factors that crows consider.

When it comes to crows eating chickens, the question is not about ‘will they?’ but more like ‘can they?’

Now let’s find out where chickens live.

Where do chickens live?

Chickens and crows see each other often because they are always living near to each other.

While crows may live in far-flung areas where there are no chickens, there are others who do.

Chickens are usually roaming around in farms and local backyards. Most chickens live their lives in poultry farms, where crows can’t reach them.

However, others live in vast farms where they can run and roam freely.

These chickens are the usual target of crows.

Crows also eat crops and plants, which is why many tend to stay near farms and gardens.

That’s where these two animals meet.

Crow or chickens: Which is faster?

The speed doesn’t matter when it comes to these two animals, since they don’t usually chase each other.

But, if they do, crows would have the upper hand.

Chickens have an average speed of 9 mph, and that is their fastest. Crows, as the predator, can have a diving speed of 70 mph. Their average flight speed can be up to 60 mph, which is still faster.

Thus, a chicken won’t stand a chance if speed is the key.

Even so, that’s not usually the case.

How do crows hunt chickens?

Crows are famous for being intelligent predators.

These birds don’t have the killing tools like that of the other predator birds. Still, they can hunt and take down prey by using their intelligence.

Crows usually go and hunt by pairs or by flocks. Their play is to wear out the prey by constant pecking, and then grab them as they die.

Many preys has already fallen in the claws of crows, and chickens can be one of them.

But, not all chickens.

There are chickens that they can quickly kill, and there are chickens that pose a threat to them.

The term chicken refers to a wide variety of classifications. Knowing these would ensure which to protect and how to do it.

Let’s get on each of them.

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What type of chicken do crows eat?

Crows aren’t picky eaters, and they can munch on any chicken if given a chance.

Now the question lies on the type of chickens they eat.

A dead chicken is a no-brainer since they are famous for eating carrion. Crows can also hunt live ones.

Between these two, there are still some classifications worth knowing individually.

Do crows eat raw chicken?

Yes, they do. More than anything, crows are famous for being scavengers, and their raw meat diet proves that.

Crows eat all kinds of dead meat, and raw chicken is one of the clear examples.

Chickens are famous for becoming roadkills, as they can jump in front of fast vehicles in the road suddenly.

Thus, crows would devour whatever form of raw chicken they would see.

Do crows eat cooked chicken?

Yes, crows can eat cooked chicken. If they can eat one raw, they can also devour a cooked one.

Crows also feed on leftovers. Thus, if they see a leftover chicken in either a trash can or as litter in the street, they would gladly eat it.

There are also instances where people offer these chickens, as long as they are edible, a crow would feed on it.

What part of chicken do crows eat?

Crows aren’t picky on chicken parts. They would gladly eat any chicken part they can get.

A crow can even digest small chicken bones, but they would likely discard the big ones and the feathers.

Do crows eat chicken eggs?

Crows are famous chicken egg stealers, so yes. Crows can eat chicken eggs.

Chicken eggs are tempting for crows to get. It’s not moving, and therefore they can quickly snatch it.

The problem with this is that mother hens are usually around to protect it. But, as long as they have the opportunity, they’d grab it.

Do crows eat adult chickens?

When it comes to adult chickens, it’s not a matter of will they, but can they.

Adult chickens are usually larger than crows, and they tend to fight back if harassed.

There are types of chicken that are fighters, and they can put up a fight that can take crows down if they get serious.

Most usually, a crow would try but would leave unsuccessful.

Do crows eat young chicks?

The young or the chicks are the easiest prey for crows among all chickens. The reason behind this is because they are still small, and crows can grab them with ease.

The only problem of crows is the mother hens that protect them almost every time.

Mother hens are the most dangerous threats to crows, as they can be overprotective of their young.

If they can sneak amidst the hen’s protection, then they would go for the chicks.

How do chickens protect themselves from crows?

Unlike other prey animals, chickens can try to defend themselves against crows.

Chickens can’t outrun crows. Thus, the least they can do is fight back.

Chickens have flexible toes and sharp claws. Aside from using these to dig worms to eat, they can use it to fight off predators who want to harm them.

Roosters, unlike other chickens, have pointed spurs on the back of their legs, and they use it to defend.

Do crows protect chickens?

There are instances that crows do protect chickens instead of hunting them. Even so, these aren’t intentional.

The truth behind this is that crows are territorial animals. For this reason, they will try to protect their area by keeping the birds of prey out.

If many chickens live in that area, they can be safe from the birds of prey.

Even so, it does not mean they are safe from crows. As scavengers and hunters, crows will tend to eat chickens instead of protecting them.

According to Crystal Sands, crows are watchful for predators. They can protect chickens from hawks and even foxes.

Through their loud caws, they serve as a warning for chickens and alarm for the other predators.

She said that she saw how crows once tracked a fox as it skulked through a bush towards a chicken house. The same crows also surround a hawk ina tree, taunting it until it flies away.

How to protect chickens from crows?

If you worry about your chickens from crows, you can do some of these precautionary measures:

Make a secure fence or birdhouse

A fence or a birdhouse that protects your chickens can relieve your worries, especially at night.

You can stand guard or watch over your chickens from time to time in the daytime, but it’s worrisome at night as you sleep.

Secure your chickens in the birdhouse before you get inside the house. This fence or birdhouse will help you worry less about them becoming a meal to crows.

Further, make sure that the birdhouse is always clean to avoid being an attraction for crows. Loose seeds and feeds can also become food for crows, and they will stay if they see these.

If ever there are dead birds, remove them away, as they can be an invitation for crows.

Use guard animals

If you don’t want your chickens locked up in a cage, consider getting guardian dogs.

Their primary duty is to prevent crows from getting near the flock, and they can be useful with that.

If they are well-trained, they can serve you well in repelling predator threats.

Further, these dogs can are trainable to refrain from playing with your chickens.

With these dogs, you can relieve yourself from the guarding duties to your chickens.

What animals eat chickens?

Aside from crows, other predators are wishing to eat chickens. They are also waiting for the opportunity to catch them.

Thus, chickens and their owners need to be aware of them. Among these are:

  • Dogs and coyotes
  • Bobcats
  • House cats
  • Foxes, especially red foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Members of the weasel family like the long-tailed weasels
  • Skunks
  • Opossums
  • Snakes, especially rat snakes
  • Hawks, including Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, and Cooper’s hawks
  • Owls, Most commonly great horned owls


  • Crows do eat chickens. They are omnivores, and they can get feet on both plants and meat. Chicken meat isn’t something a crow would discard. Crows would eat chickens if given a chance.
  • Chickens are easy prey for animals, but for crows, they can fight back.
  • Chickens mostly live in farms where crows usually gather. Thus, they can meet almost any time.
  • When it comes to speed, crows have the upper hand against chickens.
  • Crows hunt chickens the same way they hunt any of their prey.
  • Crows can eat any type of chicken. They can eat it raw or cooked. They eat every part and eat eggs, the adult if they can, and the chicks.
  • Chickens protect themselves by fighting back.
  • Crows can protect chickens within their territory, but not intentional.
  • There are specific measures you can do to protect your chickens from crows.
  • Aside from crows, other animals can also eat chickens.

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