Can Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Pigs can eat cabbage, yes. In fact, pigs eat almost anything you give them, and it’s no different with cabbage. Cabbage has many vitamins, so it’s good to have it as part of the pigs’ diet, but it can’t be the central part of it because it’s not very nutritious.

One of the great things about these animals is that they aren’t picky eaters. Thus, they can eat almost any food you can give them.

As omnivores, these animals favor both meat and plant-based food. Thus, feeding them cabbage is something they’ll find delightful.

Let’s get into it more.

Is cabbage good for pigs?

Since pigs are omnivores, they can thrive on both plants and meat. Thus, vegetables like cabbages form part of their regular diet, which is good for them.

Another good thing about these animals is that they don’t care about the food condition. They can eat scraps and even the most horrible looking leftovers.

Thus, you can feed these animals, even the old and rejected cabbages. Still, it would be best if you can offer some fresh ones they can enjoy.

Since cabbages are rich in vitamins, it offers a lot of health benefits. First, it helps lower the risk of diseases. It also aids digestion and can fight inflammation.

Can potbelly pigs eat cabbage?

Since cabbages are safe for ordinary hogs, it should also have the same effect on potbelly pigs.

Unlike potbelly pigs, hogs get raised for its meat. Still, they need similar nutrients to thrive.

If you have some cabbages to spare for your potbelly pigs, it would be a delightful snack for them.

The same principle applies to pet pigs.

What about pet pigs (like mini pigs)? Can they eat cabbage?

Pet pigs and mini pigs have similar digestive functions like others pigs.

For this reason, they would also enjoy eating some cabbages. Further regular feeding of such shouldn’t cause any issues.

Still, you may want to serve little servings. Pet pigs and mini pigs don’t have the same food intake capacity as that of the large ones.

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Can pigs eat raw cabbage?

Yes, pigs can eat raw cabbage. These animals aren’t picky eaters, and they don’t mind eating raw vegetables.

Moreover, they wouldn’t even mind if the cabbage is fresh from harvest or is also days old.

So, if you’re wondering if you still need to cook cabbages before feeding, you may do so, but it’s not necessary.

Still, cooked vegetables tend to be much softer and juicier. If you boil a cabbage first before feeding, it will be much more delicious for these animals.

It is because hogs like food are soft to chew, to the extent that they won’t even need to do so.

You can give them raw cabbage. The only cabbage you shouldn’t feed these animals are the rotting ones.

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Is cabbage good food for pig growth?


Cabbage may be a healthy treat and a safe, regular meal for these animals. However, when it comes to growth, it cannot directly increase or improve such.

A hog needs high amounts of protein and fats to sustain its growth. Cabbage may have protein, but it only contains a tiny amount.

If you plan to feed cabbages to improve growth, there are better options.

For growth, your best bet is either meaty feed or pig pellets. You can also go to other protein-rich food.

Don’t discard a cabbage, though.

Cabbage may not have a high protein amount to influence growth. Still, it has the nutrition that may keep a hog healthy as it grows.

Always make it a point to offer a balanced diet for these animals. By doing so, you can ensure a stable, healthy, and quick growth.

What veggies are good for pigs?

Aside from cabbages, other vegetables can also be a source of vitamins and nutrients.

They can eat sprouts, beets, tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli aside from celery.

Besides these veggies, you can give them any vegetables you can find in farms, local stores, and markets.

If you want to save some expenses, try to contact some local vegetable suppliers.

You may ask them for the rejected vegetables at a low price. If you’re lucky, you may even get it for free.

Pigs aren’t picky eaters. Thus, they can eat even vegetables not ideal for sale. Still, avoid giving them rotting ones.

Further, also avoid giving spices such as garlic and onions, especially the raw ones. These spices may not be lethal; it’s still not good for pigs to eat.

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What foods are toxic to pigs?

Although pigs have a variety of food options, some can cause them harm.

Your pig may be eating anything, but it doesn’t mean it’s safe for them. Thus, be wary of the following.

Here’s a list of food that is toxic to pigs:

Raw meat and eggs

These animals would eat any meat, even the raw ones. Still, uncooked meat may carry diseases that can infect your hogs.

Moreover, raw eggs may compromise biotin absorption, so avoid feeding uncooked eggs.

Moldy, slimy, or rotten food

Don’t give your pigs anything you and other animals should not eat. That applies to moldy, slimy, and rotting food.

Although they may eat such food, it may upset their stomach and lead to other health issues.

High salt and sugar content

Avoid salty foods for these animals, as too much salt can take a toll on them.

Fruits may be beneficial, but this food still contains sugar. For this reason, try to limit their fruit consumption to treats as much as possible.


Cabbages and most of the other vegetables you can find around are safe for pigs to eat. As omnivores, they can enjoy the benefits of both meat and plant-based nutrition.

The most important thing is to give these animals the balanced diet they need. Try to provide them with a variety of veggies aside from cabbages. It will help them get different nutrients at the same time.


Image credits – Photos by Abonyi Kevin and Isara Somboon on Unsplash

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