Can Pigs Eat Goat Feed? (Nutritional Facts)

Pigs can eat goat feed, yes. The problem is that goat feed isn’t nutritionally enough for pigs, so you always have to add something else. But yes, you can feed pigs with goat feed, just make sure it’s not their only food.

Let’s get into it.

Is goat feed good for pigs?

When it comes to its compatibility, goat feed is a safe food to feed your pigs. Still, it lacks the nutrients hogs need for their daily diet.

When we speak of goat feed, hay comes first in the list. As we know, such a meal is not only beneficial to other livestock such as cattle, horses, and sheep. Moreso, pigs, can also enjoy it.

Still, as hay offers many nutrients, those are not enough to compensate for their needs.

Another thing to note is that aside from hay, goats feed on grass. Since goats are herbivores, they can thrive without meat.

Hogs are omnivores, and they need both meat and plant-based food. They may not be obligate carnivores. However, some nutrients from meat are beneficial for their growth.

For this reason, pigs may eat goat feed, but most likely, they’ll lack the nutrients they regularly need.

At the same time, goats cannot share in the diet of hogs. These animals can eat almost anything, while goats feed mostly on grass.

Can pet pigs (like mini pigs) eat goat feed?

Since goat feed is safe for farm hogs, it shouldn’t harm pets as well. So yes, pet pigs and even the mini ones can eat goat feed.

Still, as I said, goat feed has nutrients designed for goats.

Both animals may share similar needs. Even so, there are nutrients that hogs need that goats don’t.

Hogs can’t find such nutrients in a goat. Further, goats are herbivores and not omnivores like pigs.

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Is goat feed good for pig growth?

There may be ingredients in a goat feed that may support a pig’s growth. However, if you plan on feeding goat feed to aid a pig’s development, there are better options.

For instance, goat feed usually consists of hay and leafy materials. These are rich in fiber and even protein. The former improves digestion, while the latter helps build the body.

Since hogs eat a lot in a day, maintaining good digestion is necessary. At the same time, protein helps the body as it grows.

Still, if you plan to offer goat feed to increase growth, there are better options.

Of course, your best bet would be pig pellets. Manufacturers made these pellets to accommodate every nutrition hogs need to grow.

You can offer goat feed to support growth, but don’t go overboard with it. These animals need more than what goats eat.

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Can pigs eat goat minerals?

Goat minerals can be safe for pigs. However, it’s not necessary.

Animals like goats require hay and water more. These minerals only come as second on the list.

If you wish to give your hogs some goat minerals, they enjoy it. Goats need the following minerals to maintain good health:

  • Selenium (can help protect their membranes)
  • Zinc (helps avoid poor appetite and growth)
  • Copper (hogs need low levels of these)
  • Calcium (helps maintain healthy bones)
  • Phosphorus (they may need it, but they don’t digest it well)
  • Iodine (deficiency can cause piglets to be weak and hairless)
  • Iron (essential for optimal health and growth)
  • Manganese (vital in enzyme production and the development of bone)
  • Sodium (too much sodium can be bad for them)

Although almost every mineral is vital, it would be best to avoid giving them large amounts.

Only feed them if you notice they are showing signs of deficiency. If not, then it’s not necessary.

Can pigs be kept with goats?


They can live together, but don’t put them in an enclosed space alone.

Instead, try to make a separate room for goats, and don’t put them in a pigpen.

Both animals may be domestic, but it doesn’t mean they won’t harm each other. At some point, hogs can be territorial, and they can even attack baby goats.

It’s also the reason why you won’t often see both animals in a single pen.

You can raise both together and leave them with access to each other by day.

However, remember to keep them in separate enclosed rooms to avoid unwanted incidents.

What foods should not be fed to pigs?

If you own both goats and pigs, you surely have noticed how extensive the latter’s food options are.

Since hogs are omnivores, they can eat almost anything, even scraps, and leftovers.

For goats, you have fewer options, although those options are available around.

Goats feed mostly on hay and grass, and if there’s one thing hogs won’t eat, it will be the latter.

Hay is dried grass. Still, it’s beneficial for hogs, and they would love munching on it.

For grasses that goats range, that’s something pigs won’t eat.

One goat feed that you should not offer is grass. Although hogs would also eat grass, it’s not something they can thrive on solely.

Of all food goats can eat, your pigs will probably pass on grass.

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Pigs and goats have some similar nutrients they might share in food. Still, they also have other nutrients that should only be for them.

Since pigs are omnivores and goats are herbivores, they may share in feed and plant-based food. But then, goats cannot share in their meat intake.

At the same time, goat feeds lack the nutrients pigs need.

They may also thrive in the same area together, but not in the same pen. Pigs may get territorial and make it difficult for goats.


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Image credits – Photos by Bruno van der Kraan and Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

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