Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones? (Yes and No)

Pigs shouldn’t eat chicken bones. Chicken bones can be dangerous for pigs because they are sharp. For this reason, they can be stuck in pigs’ throats, and the pig will die of asphyxiation, or the stomach may be pierced, and the pig will die of internal injuries. The only way pigs can eat chicken bones is to give them cooked, not raw bones.

Chicken bones may be part of the scraps, and leftovers pigs would eat. Still, you may wonder if it’s safe for them.

Let’s get into it more.

Are chicken bones good for pigs?

Chicken bones may or may not be suitable for pigs. But, there are some risks you need to know before feeding some to these animals.

The first thing is that both raw and cooked bones can cause harm to hogs.

The raw ones, like the raw meat that comes with, may carry bacteria and viruses. Thus, if you feed some, you risk your hog of getting infected by bacteria.

Now, if you offer a cooked bone, it can be stuck on the throat or mouth, leading to a choking incident. Cooked bones become brittle as they get cooked due to their size.

Out of the two, the cooked one is your best choice. To avoid choking, you may cut it into small pieces and mix it with other food and water.

Hogs like to chew on soft food, so adding bones to other food and water may help.

Still, it doesn’t remove the risk of choking. If you can, avoid feeding chicken bones to pigs.

If you have leftover chicken bones, it’s best to give it to dogs. They’ll be happy for it, and it is safe since they can handle such bones.

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Can potbelly pigs eat chicken bones?

Potbelly pigs would have the same issues as that of ordinary ones if fed with bones.

Of course, potbelly pigs may also eat chicken bones, but you should also be mindful of the risks it entails.

In some countries, feeding meat and bones are illegal. Thus, you may want to check out first if you have ordinances like that.

Some countries prohibit such valid reasons, and you should be aware that your government has that law.

Australia is one of the countries that prohibits meat and bones for hogs. They don’t allow such to avoid diseases to pigs as well as to other livestock.

If you’re living in the US, it should be fine. But, be mindful of the risk when it comes to feeding bones.

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Can mini pigs eat chicken bones?

chicken bones

My friendly advice for mini pigs owners is to leave the bones out of these animals’ reach.

Although they may tolerate chicken bones, it can cause great harm if it gets stuck in their mouth or throat.

Chicken bones are generally softer and more comfortable to chew than other bones. Still, it’s best not to put small hogs at risk.

Give the chicken bones to pets that can handle it, such as dogs.

Can piglets eat chicken bones?

The same with mini pigs, piglets can eat chicken bones, but I won’t recommend it.

As hogs, they can eat almost anything. But, their young systems may find it hard to take in bones.

At the same time, they are more prone to choking since they have a smaller mouth and softer teeth to chew these bones.

Once the piglets start growing, you may feed chicken bones and all other bones.

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Can pigs eat bones in general?

Pigs can eat almost anything they can chew. Thus, as long as their teeth are sturdy enough to chew bones, they’ll likely eat it.

Still, not all bones can get crushed by a pig’s teeth. If you’re feeding any bone to these animals, make sure it’s easy to chew.

Avoid giving big chunks of bones, since it would be hard for them to eat.

Pigs like to eat soft food. Moreso, they would prefer if the food they eat won’t need any chewing.

As a result, feeds softened with water increases their appetite and makes them eat faster.

With this in mind, bones are in contrast to what hogs prefer. If you have other pets who can eat bones such as dogs, it’s better to leave such to them.

Can pigs eat beef bones?

Beef bones are generally larger and chunkier than other bones. Thus, pigs may find it difficult to eat those bones.

Indeed, as scavengers, they would try eating beef bones if you feed them some.

Still, these big chunks are not suitable for these animals.

They would enjoy food that is easy to eat, something that needs less chewing.

The bones do not meet such requirements, especially the beef bones.

Can other animals eat chicken bones?

Aside from pigs, other animals are more capable of eating chicken bones.

Dogs are the first on the list. These canines can feed on both raw and cooked bones.

The possibility of cooked bones splintering is still there. But, these animals are less likely to have issues than pigs.

Cats are also capable of eating chicken bones. Unlike dogs, though, felines are prone to choking in cooked ones.

Still, they are better with bones than hogs.

Aside from pet animals, the wild ones are famous for eating bones. Most of these are the predators, who can eat chicken as a whole, including the bones.

Can pigs eat raw chicken?

Pigs can eat raw chicken, but I wouldn’t recommend such.

Pigs will eat anything you feed them. So, technically, they will eat raw chicken if you provide them.

However, as I said, raw meat may carry bacteria and viruses. Letting your hog consume such makes it at risk of infection.

Chicken meat is a good source of protein. As much as possible, though, give your hog a cooked chicken. Even leftover chicken is better than a raw one since it’s cooked.

What to do if your pig ate chicken bone?

As long as the pig shows no choking signs and bones stuck, you’re not required to do anything.

However, if you think your hog has a stuck chicken bone, you may need to call a veterinarian.

At the same time, you may do some first aid to choking. You won’t find it difficult since it’s the same for all pets.

Avoiding such incidents is your best option by preventing your pigs from eating chicken bones. At the same time, you may keep watch over these animals when you feed them such.


Pigs may tolerate chicken bones since these are softer and easier to chew than other bones. Still, there are risks for animals whenever they chew on bones.

Thus, constant supervision is necessary whenever hogs feed on bones. By keeping watch, you will tend and respond to your pigs if ever they need your help.


Feeding prohibited pig feed in Australia

Image credits – Photos by Amber Kipp and Elizabeth Lewis on Unsplash

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