Can Pigs Eat Chicken Feed? (Is It Healthy?)

Pigs can eat chicken feed, yes. Actually, pigs are happy when you feed them with chicken feed. On the other hand, chicken feed should not be their only food. They also need to be given other meals to have a balanced, healthy diet.

Chicken and pigs have similar nutrient needs, and they are likely to meet each other where they live. Thus, it can make you wonder if it is okay for pigs to share what they eat.

Let’s get into it.

Can pigs eat poultry feed?

Although poultry feed is not precisely for pigs, it is safe for them to eat. Further, it can even be beneficial for them.

A poultry feed may vary in ingredients, especially the commercial ones. Still, the usual ingredients include the following:

  • Cereal grains (a great source of energy)
  • Protein meals (great for a swine’s growth)
  • Fats and oils (also beneficial for a hog’s growth)
  • Minerals (helps maintain a healthy body)
  • Feed additives

Poultry feed manufacturers mix these ingredients for poultry animals. Still, hogs can take some nutrition by feeding on it as well.

Hogs may not be poultry, but they have similar nutrient necessities like that of some poultry.

Let’s take chickens as an example. Any swine will be happy to eat chicken feed if you offer them some.

Both animals need nutrients like protein and energy. They need such for their growth and activities.

Moreover, they need a similar mix of amino acids and b-vitamins, along with other nutrients.

At the same time, they tend to ignore the taste of food when hungry.

Further, both animals are non-ruminants, which means they don’t have many stomachs.

Thus, their digestive system works almost in similarity.

Thus, you can feed chicken feed anytime, and it won’t cause any issues.

What about pet pigs (like mini pigs)? Can they eat chicken feed?

Like all other types of swine, chicken feed is also safe for pets and mini pigs.

These animals also aren’t picky eaters, and they can eat even chicken feed if you offer them some.

Still, you may want to consider the amount you’re giving to your pet.

Since pets tend to be smaller than the others, they also need smaller servings.

Feeding them chicken feed, which is rich in protein and nutrients, may increase growth.

For most pet owners, speedy growth isn’t something they would prefer.

Thus, if your mini and pet pigs are already at their maturity age, you should lower their protein intake.

Still, it would be best if you didn’t worry about feeding them chicken feed. There’s no need to worry since it should not harm your pets.

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How often can you give chicken feed to your pig?

chicken feed

You can make chicken feed a regular part of your pig’s diet, and it should be alright.

Still, you should be aware that chicken feed is rich in nutrients that aids growth.

For this reason, if you don’t want your pet to grow too fast, you may want to lessen their chicken feed intake.

However, if you want your pet to grow fast, but healthy and quick, you can incorporate this feed in regular meals.

As I said, chicken feed is safe to eat. Thus, whether you regularly feed it or not, it won’t cause any health issues.

Is chicken feed good food for pig growth?

Chicken feed is beneficial to a pig’s growth, especially if compared with other food.

Unlike some other alternatives, chicken feed is rich in nutrients that can aid a hog’s growth.

Although these nutrients are primarily for chickens, our pigs can also enjoy it.

Hogs need protein and fat to sustain healthy and quick growth. Such components help in building up muscles and the body as well.

Since most chicken feeds have those particular nutrients, they can help in the growth of a pig.

Still, there are better alternatives to chicken feed. For instance, nothing is better compared to hog growing pellets.

These feed’s primary purpose is to increase and support a hog’s growth. Thus, it’s your best bet when it comes to your pig.

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What should you not feed pigs?

Although they can eat a variety of food options, it doesn’t mean everything is safe.

Here’s a list of food that you should not feed your pigs:

Raw meat and eggs

Both meat and eggs are excellent sources of protein for these animals. Still, feeding these raw may cause them harm.

Raw meat may carry bacteria that can cause diseases. Some countries like Australia prohibits feeding meat to these animals. At the same time, raw egg compromises biotin absorption in pigs.

For this reason, you may feed meat and eggs as long as you cook it first.

Moldy, slimy, or rotten food

Pigs of all kinds should not also eat foods that are rotting and filled with molds.

Although these animals have a strong tolerance to this food, large intakes may take a toll on them.

Make it a rule not to give your pigs what you won’t eat.

High salt and sugar content

Lastly, salty food and the ones with artificial sweeteners and chemicals may be toxic.

Unlike other animals, pigs don’t need too much sodium, and taking in a lot can be harmful to them.

Fruits may also be beneficial, but they should only get served as treats since these are often sweet.

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You can offer your pigs chicken feed since it’s entirely safe for them to eat. Both animals may differ in some ways, but they also have similar nutritional needs. Thus, even chicken feed can be beneficial for any pig.

Still, it would be best to give these animals the feed designed to suit their needs. Offer chicken feed to chickens, and provide pig pellets to pigs.

This way, you can rest assured that your animals are eating and receiving what they need.


Image credits – Photos by Annie Spratt and chatnarin pramnapan on Unsplash

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