Can Pigs Eat Rice?

Pigs can eat rice, yes. In fact, it’s good for pigs and their health because of the nutrients in the rice. On the other side, the rice should only be a nutritional supplement, not a significant part. The most important thing is a balanced diet.

Rice offers many useful nutrients, and pigs can get many health benefits if they feed on it.

Thus, if you have easy access to rice, or you have a lot of rice to spare, it’s good food for these animals.

Let’s get into it more!

Is rice good for pigs?

Rice is a great food to offer to pigs. Like other crops and grains such as corn, rice provides a lot of nutritional benefits if fed.

All types of rice can be beneficial to these animals, the same as they are to humans.

Rice has low amounts of sodium, which pigs don’t need. At the same time, it’s rich in carbohydrates, which gives energy. It is also rich in fiber like other grains, that improves digestion.

The only thing you should be mindful of when feeding rice is feeding it raw.

Pigs will eat whatever they get, and so they will eat uncooked rice if you feed it to them. Still, it doesn’t mean it is safe for them.

While these animals can tolerate eating rice grains, eating raw can produce gas in their stomachs.

Thus, you must offer cooked rice rather than the raw ones.

Further, pigs prefer food that is soft and easy to eat. If you are to feed it raw, they may not provide it.

Cooked rice is soft, comfortable to chew, and it likely melts in the mouth. Such a meal can increase their appetite.

Another thing is that you can even offer your leftover rice. As long as it’s still safe to eat, you can feed it to these animals.

What about pet pigs (like mini pigs)? Can they eat rice?

Pet pigs and mini pigs have similar dietary requirements. Further, they don’t differ that much in meal preferences.

Thus, both pets and mini pigs can eat rice, as long as you feed it in moderation.

These animals may have a smaller build, but they still need the same nutrients and enjoy rice.

A study even suggests that small amounts of rice are beneficial in a pig’s early age. Such a grain improves health but does not affect growth.

The only thing you should mind is to give it smaller servings appropriate for their bodies.

Of course, you still need to cook the rice and avoid feeding it raw.

Can potbelly pigs eat rice?

Potbelly pigs are usually pets found in yards, and even indoors. Nevertheless, they still have pretty much the same dietary requirements.

For this reason, feeding these animals, some rice should also be safe and beneficial.

Potbellies are more pets, and people don’t raise them for their meat. Thus, most owners wouldn’t want these animals to grow too fast.

Since rice contains many carbohydrates, you should limit their intake of it also to lessen growth.

A few rice servings once in a while should be beneficial for every potbelly.

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Can pigs eat dry rice?


Pigs can tolerate dry rice, but you still shouldn’t feed it to them since it’s raw.

These animals can eat vegetables and plant-based food raw. But, when it comes to rice, you should cook it first before feeding.

Further, all types of swine prefer soft, wet, and easy-to-eat food. Since dry rice is hard and rough in the mouth, it may not be appetizing for these animals.

Lastly, feeding raw and dry rice can cause gases in their stomach, and it’s something you wouldn’t want.

It’s always a good thing for these animals to eat rice but always bear in mind that a cooked one is better than raw.

Can pigs have cooked rice?

Yes, pigs can have cooked rice, and it’s better compared to raw rice.

You can always feed most grains raw or uncooked. For rice, however, you should cook it first before offering it to these animals.

Hogs like to feed on soft food, although they can tolerate hard ones with their teeth.

The reason is that soft is much easier to eat, and it takes little effort to swallow.

Feeding raw rice can be rough in the mouth. Simultaneously, it can create gases in the stomach, which can cause a lot of issues.

For this reason, your best bet when feeding rice is cooking it first before feeding.

Can pigs eat cooked white rice?

Pigs can eat rice of any kind, as long as you cook it first. It’s not a problem if you’re feeding any leftover rice.

If you have rice left and don’t want to eat it, you can offer it to your pigs.

These animals are omnivores, and they can eat almost anything. There are a few differences between brown and white rice. Still, both are safe nonetheless.

The only problem you can encounter with rice is that it can be pricey for most countries.

But, if you’re feeding leftover rice, that shouldn’t cause any problem. It saves you a serving of feed and helps you clean and take out any leftovers.

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Is rice bran good for pigs?

Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process. It is the rice grain’s outer layer, and it can be quite a nutritious feed for these animals.

Rice bran is rich in protein, and feed manufacturers use it as the base of their products.

The only disadvantage is that rice bran can quickly get moldy, and it’s bad for pigs.

Still, rice bran can be quite beneficial for pigs, especially for the growing and finishing ones.


Pigs can eat almost all types of grains, and that includes rice. It offers a lot of nutrients, particularly energy from carbohydrates as well as fiber.

Feeding rice to these animals isn’t a usual thing, probably because of its cost. However, if you’re only providing rice as a leftover, you’ll be able to save yourself from wasting. At the same time, you can give a nutritious meal for your pig.


Image credits – Photos by Thomas Iversen and Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

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