Do cats eat vegetables? (it’s healthy!)

It may be unusual, but yes, cats do eat vegetables. It is uncommon since cats are carnivores, as we all know. Thus, cats can live by eating only meat and cannot survive by eating vegetables alone. Even so, being carnivores does not mean they can’t eat veggies. Some vegetables can even be a great source of vitamins and other nutrients for them.

If you’re debating whether you want to include vegetables in your pet cat’s diet, you need to read on.

Let’s get started!

Do cats need to eat vegetables?

As carnivores, you may think cats aren’t getting the nutrients that vegetables offer.

The idea has a point since there are, indeed, nutrients from vegetables that are not in meat.

Further, unlike us humans who can survive on a vegetable diet, cats can’t, as they rely mostly on meat alone.

Despite all these facts, I’m here to tell you that cats don’t have to worry about that.

Cats get the nutrients of vegetables from the meat they eat, which has taken vegetables.

As an example, wild cats eat animals that have recently fed on vegetables and crops.

While they may not directly consume vegetables, they consumed animals that ate vegetables.

Now, it doesn’t mean cats shouldn’t eat veggies, since they can do so, and it’s beneficial for them.

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What vegetables can cats eat?

There are only a few kinds of vegetables that can suit as a snack or treat for cats.

A lot of people have been asking about particular vegetables and fruits for cats.

For this reason, I made a specific answer, as my take to each of these popular food asked for cats:


Cats can and do eat bananas. This fruit may not be toxic for cats. Even so, it’s not something I’ll recommend since it’s hard to digest and not as nutritious for cats, unlike for us humans.


You may feed your cat some rice. While it’s not part of their diet, rice can aid if your cat is having some digestive problems.


While roses aren’t harmful to cats, too much intake would upset its stomach. Aside from that, a few roses here and there would be alright.


If you wish to treat your cat with apples, feed them bite-sized pieces and remove the skin. Don’t forget to do it in moderation.


Feeding your cat with watermelon isn’t harmful. Just make sure it’s seedless and offer it in small pieces.


When it comes to corn, just give your cat a cooked one. Your cat may likely ignore a raw one. Also, take it out of its cob and feed it as kernels, ready to eat.


Unlike the rest, tomatoes are not ideal. This type of vegetable contains solanine, which is toxic to cats. Thus, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible.


If you’re going to feed your cat some lettuce, offer an organic one to ensure that it’s completely safe and ideal.


Although it’s not toxic, it’s also not ideal for your cat to eat nuts. It’s best to offer them to other pets, and not for cats.


If you’re thinking of offering some carrots for your cat to snack, give a cooked one at least. Raw carrots may make them choke. Further, cut it into small pieces for easier munching.


Wheatgrass is something that cats enjoy munching. It’s alright to give them some from time to time as a treat and not too much.


Cats can also eat cucumbers. If you will give one, make sure it’s a fresh one. You may or may not cut it into pieces.

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What vegetables are bad for cats?

Even if cats can eat them, vegetables are not something for you to consider as their primary meal.

Further, even though cats can eat vegetables, it doesn’t mean all vegetables. As chocolates can be toxic for cats, other vegetables can be as well. Among these are:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Wild Mushrooms
  • Avocado
  • Grapes
  • Raisins

You don’t need to be too careful, as cats would more likely decline this food just by studying them.

Still, it won’t do any harm to be mindful of these vegetables and fruits every time.

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How to get your cat to eat vegetables?

Don’t get frustrated if you tried offering vegetables to your cats for the first time. As obligate carnivores, they have a valid reason to ignore any vegetable you serve them.

Now, don’t sulk. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get your cat to eat vegetables.

Use these three tips to get your cat to eat vegetables with ease:

Keep in mind that vegetables are only snacks or treats

Vegetables and fruits aren’t the primary meal of cats. Thus, look at vegetables and fruits as an ideal snack or treat for them.

Treat vegetables not as obligatory for cats but only as something they can munch anytime.

Make vegetables easy for them to eat

When feeding cats with some vegetables, always make it easier for them to eat.

Since they don’t need to eat vegetables, make it an activity to enjoy.

Cut it into bite-size so that your cat can swallow it with ease. Steam hard vegetables first before the offering for your cat to chew easily.

Don’t force them to eat vegetable

If your cat declines the vegetables, don’t insist on it. It’s not something you should force, especially since they don’t need it.

If you want your cat to receive the nutrients from veggies, consider getting cat food. Some cat food contains these and will be much ideal for your cat.

In Summary

Now, to answer the question, Yes. Cats do eat vegetables. Even though cats are carnivores, they can still snack on veggies from time to time.

Be careful, though, as there are vegetables that can be harmful to them.

As a general reminder, always give vegetables in moderation.

Lastly, make their vegetables something they would enjoy.

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