What Do Worms And Earthworms Eat (All You Need To Know)

Worms and earthworms are a big part of our environment. Some people care about worms and earthworms, and some people do not. Let us get to know more about worms and earthworms.

So what do worms and earthworms eat? Worms eat organic matters. Earthworms also eat decaying matters like plants and animals.

It is a mystery what worms and earthworms eat. We would see worms all the time in the ground and earthworms in the soil. But most of us do not have an idea what they eat to live. 

If you are keeping worms or just curious about what these species eat, this content will benefit you. We will discuss what you can feed to worms and earthworms and what not to feed them.

What Can Worms And Earthworms Eat?

Generally speaking, worms have so many kinds. Earthworms are a type of worm that is segmented and mostly seen in soil because they get their food there. But when it comes to food, other types of worms and earthworms are eating the same. 

Worms and earthworms feed on decaying organic matter. All things that will decay will become food for the worms and for the earthworms at that. These organic matters can be dead plants, animals, vegetables, and other decaying matters. 

As unpleasant as it may sound, even humans can be food for worms and earthworms. We will decay when dead and will eventually decompose. 

We can agree that worms and earthworms have the same appetite, so here are the things that can be food for worms and earthworms.

1. Worms And Earthworms Love To Eat Cucurbitaceae Plants

Worms are very fond of Cucurbitaceae plants. These plants are pumpkins, squash, antelopes, and many more. These are fruits that decay very fast and will be readily available for worms and earthworms. 

When these fruits are thrown in the trash, and they are getting worse, worms will swarm and crowd the trash cans because they love these kinds of fruits. The reason why worms and earthworms like these kinds of fruits are because they are filled with water. 

And one thing about worms and earthworms is that they need water, and they need to be moist all the time.

2. Worms And Earthworms Love Worm Food

Some of you may not know this, but you can buy worm food in the market. They have foods for worms, and this food will provide nutrients for the worms and earthworms that the soil cannot provide.

3. Worms And Earthworms Love Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are food for worms and earthworms. Coffee grounds are pH neutral.

4. Worms And Earthworms Love Banana Peels

Banana is one of the favorite foods for worms and earthworms. These banana peels smell very good for worms and earthworms. 

You can leave a banana or a banana peel somewhere, and worms and earthworms will come rushing at them.

5. Worms And Earthworms Love An Apple Core

Worms love apples. Worms are often found in apples. Apples will get bad faster and will also be readily available for worms in just days.

6. Worms And Earthworms Love Vegetable Waste

Worms and earthworms love decaying materials, and vegetables are one of the matters that decompose very fast. 

These wastes can also be healthy for worms and earthworms because they will provide nutrients for them. So if you want healthy food for your worms and earthworms, feed them with vegetables.

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What’s The Best Food To Feed Worms?

Worms love decaying organic matters. These organic matters are mostly seen on the ground and in soil. 

You should know that worm food is most soft and has no acid. If you are curious about what to feed your worms, try these.

  • Fruit Peelings
  • Leaves
  • Cucumber Or Its Peels
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Onions
  • Squash
  • Tea Bags
  • Melon Rinds
  • Grass
  • Unsweetened Cereals
  • Plain Pasta
  • Cornmeal
  • Bread

These foods are very good for your worms. These will make them healthy and will boost their metabolism. Try these foods, and this will guarantee you a good result for your worms.

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What Should You Not Feed Worms?

Worms feed on decaying matters. It is essential to know that if something cannot be decomposed, do not feed your worms. Here is a list of food you should not feed to your worms to help you with that.

1. Do Not Your Worms Sugar

Processed sugars are not suitable for your worm’s health. It is best not to feed too much sugar for your worms. This can cause imbalances, especially in the soil, so throw your sugar into the trash and keep it away from your worms.

2. Do Not Your Worms Meat Or Bones

Though we have bones and meat leftovers and trash every day, you cannot feed these to the worms. These bones will rot faster and will attract bacteria that will be harmful to your worm friends.

3. Do Not Your Worms Citrus Peels

Citrus fruits have acid on them. This acid will be unhealthy for your worms. Make sure to throw your citrus peels away from your worms so that they will not be harmed.

4. Do Not Your Worms Salt Or Cooking Oils

These can suffocate and kill your worms. Salt has acid, and it will stifle the worms. They will eventually die when exposed to these.

These are the foods you should keep away from your worms if you want them to stay alive and healthy. Focus on organic matters and not be toxic to them.

And one extra tip, avoid normal potatoes.

What To Feed Worms To Keep Them Alive?

Worms are heavy eaters and are omnivores. This means that they love eating fruits and animals as long as they are decaying. If you want your worms to be healthy, you have to make sure that they have the best nutrients available for them. 

Keep feeding them with decaying plants like fruits and vegetables. They will love that.

How Long Can Worms Go Without Food?

Worms can only survive for at least two weeks without food. Like all living things in the world, food is essential and a need. Make sure not to starve your worms for more than two weeks because they can only go for so long.

How Often Should I Feed My Worms?

The answer to this will depend on the size of your bin. You can feed your worms once a week, and you can also go twice a week.

What Do Worms Eat In The Wild?

Worms will feed on dead plants and animals when they are in the wild. It will be convenient for them because trees and animals will surround them.

Do worms eat human poop? 

It might seem gross, but worms would eat anything that’s about to decompose, and human poop is one of these things.

For instance, if you offer human excrements as a food source, they would gladly burrow and eat it.

Worms would then digest it and convert the remains into their waste. Such matters are what we call castings.

The castings are nothing but soil that is rich in nutrients. It can be an excellent fertilizer for plants.

While the idea may seem gross, worms would gladly consume human poop and turn it into something beneficial for plants.

In the end, worms may not be the most pleasant animals that you may know, especially after realizing what they eat.

Still, they remain a significant factor that improves our environment, especially recycling the things around.


In summary, when it comes to appetite and food, worms and earthworms feed the same. They love decaying organic matters.

These foods are healthy to them. They love decaying plants and animals. As worm lovers, it is important for you to know the food that you can safely feed your worms. 

Worms and earthworms eat almost anything as long as it is capable of decomposing. You need to check first the food before feeding it to the worms and earthworms.


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