What Does It Mean When Crows Gather Around Your House?

If you’re seeing crows gathering around your house, you may wonder if it’s a sign or a message. These birds often represent the mystical side of things. Thus, they might mean something when they come near you or your house. Most likely, the number of crows conveys different meanings.

When crows gather around your house, you may want to know how many they are. The reason is that their number will give you the message they wish to bring.

Let’s take a look at each!

The meaning of the number of crows

If there’s only a single black crow near your house, it has a meaning of bad luck, destruction about to come.

A pair means good fortune. Two of these birds mean they’re bringing either harmony or good news.

When there are three black crows, it means a good blessing. To be particular, it’s a blessing of good health.

Another good sign is when there are four of these birds cawing. It means abundance, good fortune, and prosperity.

When there are five, however, it means poor health and illness are about to come.

If there are six of them, it’s a warning of an upcoming theft or robbery.

Seven often come as a sign for you to travel and move somewhere else.

Having eight of them gathering around means that a moment of grief and sorrow is about to take place.

If there is a murder of crows, it means there is approaching death.

If there’s endless cawing and swirling near your house, it might mean that these birds are giving you a sign. Signs come either as a warning or a message.

Some say that if you always hear a black crow cawing near you, or at you, it means you have an imbalanced life. Thus, it’s a call to do something different and change your way.

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Do crows mean death is near?

Not all symbolize death, although, in many instances, crows portray that it is near.

They may either mean good or bad luck, depending on how many are there.

Still, some say that it’s a murder of crows that brings death.

These birds are associated with the dark and the mystical side of things. For this reason, most people fear these birds.

You need to be aware, though. While a murder of them may symbolize death, a few can mean prosperity and luck.

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Three reasons why crows may gather around your house

Crows may symbolize a lot of things. But, if you look at the practical side, you may understand why they gather around your house.

Here are three probable reasons that make these birds stay in a particular area:

Potential food

Crows are scavengers and opportunists. As such, they would probably gather in your area because there is available food for them there.

They get attracted to trash, food waste in composts, pet food scraps, and wild animals.

If you have any of these in or near your house, it’s why crows make your place gathering area.

Tall Trees to roost

Crows prefer tall trees to roost for the night. If you don’t know what roosting means, it’s a thing for themselves and other birds. It’s their act of sleeping or resting in a specific tree as a group.

Thus, if you have trees with enough branches for them, they would gather around it.

Some of these birds prefer to gather in large numbers as it somehow provides many things. Among these are warmth, protection from predators, knowledge about food, and even mating.

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Water Source

Having an available water source in your area may invite corvid gatherings.

If you have a small pond or if you live near a river, it’s highly likely that they prefer to stay due to it.

You may also have set up a birdbath for other birds, and they have sighted it.

If the only available water source comes from a small birdbath, then chances are it will only be a few.

Now, if you study your area and you find none of these things, you may be thinking that other things attract them.

A gathering may also mean other things, especially if they accompany it with caws.

crow near the house

Why do crows gather and caw?

Crows cawing non-stop are not only disturbing but also freaky.
As a symbol of many things, a group of them cawing non-stop may make you think of many superstitions.

Still, the behavior is something to consider first before diving into these conclusions. They may show specific actions to you or anyone around you.


Crows may caw non-stop when they sense danger surrounding the area.


As far as their intelligence goes, crows remember faces pretty well. If you or someone around you did something to piss them, they might mob you.

Calling others

Crows are social creatures, and their caws may call others for whatever reason they have. They can get their fellow birds to alert them about danger or potential food.

Dead crow

Another reason for gathering is a dead crow. Unlike any other animals, they gather around their dead, like a funeral.

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Crows are birds of endless possibilities and meanings. Thus, when they gather around your house, it may mean a lot of things.

Whatever the meaning, we can all agree that having these birds cawing non-stop is disturbing. This fact goes especially for non-corvid enthusiasts.

With the facts and superstitions above, it’s on you to decide regarding the ones near you.

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Image Credits – Photo by Qurratul Ayin Sadia and Irena Carpaccio on Unsplash

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