How to Catch a Crow for a Pet (Is It Legal?!)

If you wish to catch a crow for a pet, it should be the safest way possible. Unlike other pet birds, crows are wild animals, and they are usually under the protection of the law. Thus, any harm inflicted upon them will be a potential problem for you.

When it comes to catching such birds, it’s not just a matter of how, but also a matter of should. You may know how to cage one, but should you do so?

Three steps you need to do to catch crows for a pet

Before you go on catching mode, there are three steps you need to do before it. You should follow these things to ensure that you won’t have any problems in dealing with crows.

Understanding laws and regulation

The first thing you need to worry about is the legality of what you’re about to do.

You may have the intention of caring and feeding crows. But, there are areas where it is illegal to catch these birds.

Thus, you should do your research about the ordinances in your area.

For the US residents, catching a crow and putting it in a cage is illegal. If you are a citizen of the US, then you might want to rethink your plan.

According to the law, US residents can only get these birds as pets if they are non-native.

There’s a reason why they are under the protection of the law.

First, like wild birds, their nature is to be out and not in the cage. They have more chances of surviving in the wild than in a cell.

Second, they can be a nuisance to people around if they became pets. Their loud caws and social attitudes will make it hard for people around to live with them.

If you wish to catch a one for a pet, consider getting a permit from the local authorities.

As soon as you have one, you can go ahead and catch one by setting a trap.

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Setting traps

A trap is the best way to catch a crow without hurting it. You can purchase one online, but you can always create your own if you don’t want to.

This kind of trap works as a cage that can trap any corvid without harming it.

Once you have such a trap, you should set a decoy. It can be another bird or food that can catch its attention.

You can always use whatever means you wish, as long as it’s not harmful.

Using a net for catching is not ideal, since it might hurt the crow during the process.

To make the trap more effective, place it where you see them the most. Further, put some extra food and water inside in case it gets hungry or thirsty.

Crows are intelligent birds, so they may study your trap and realize it’s dangerous. Be patient and leave the area so it won’t be too suspicious.

Proper caring

Unlike crow chicks, the adult ones can be pretty easy to manage. They can eat anything, so you don’t need to stress about it.

The only thing you need to do is provide them with a large cage to flap their wings and fly.

The traps are solely for catching, and it should not be a permanent cage.

If you can’t provide a vast space, it’s best to leave them alone.

Insisting on taking one as a pet can lead to injuring them. Since these birds remember faces, they can end up calling a group of crows to mob you.

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Can crows be tamed?

Unlike other wild animals, crows tend to establish a connection with people. Thus, if taming them is your goal, it’s entirely possible.

Crows are famous for their ability to remember faces. You don’t need to put them in a cage to make them pets.

As long as you can establish a trust with them, they’ll come to you and hang around your place most of the time.

Feed them regularly at a specific time of the day. It will create a routine that will establish trust.

As soon as they have the trust, they will sense you as someone reliable, and they’ll be there every time.

Can you adopt a pet crow?

As much as it’s illegal to catch crows, adopting them is also forbidden.

They may be wild birds that should be out in the wild. Even so, you can take care of one if you see it injured and needs rescuing.

You can shelter crow and care for it, but only until it recovers.

Caring for an injured corvid is a lot of responsibility, but it’s also an experience you’ll cherish.

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In summary: How to catch a crow for a pet?

Crows are intelligent birds, so it may take quite some time and effort to catch one without harm.

While it is possible, the main concern about catching one for a pet is the legality of such. Since corvids are wild birds, they should be in the wild instead of a cage.

The best thing to do is to let it out in the wild and don’t bother putting it in a cage.

Instead, just care for them by handing out food. Crows remember good people. As long as you care for them, they’ll come back and give you a wonderful experience.

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Image credits – Photo by taner ardalı on Unsplash

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