Do Crows Like Shiny Things? (And Do They Steal Them?)

To answer the question, no, crows don’t like shiny things or objects. Contrary to famous folklores and stories, crows even hate or get scared of shiny things. Some people even use shiny items such as CDs and aluminum, to scare crows away from a particular area. Thus, if you’re planning to attract crows by having shiny things around, you may end up doing the opposite.

But why do people think crows take shiny things? Where did that story originate?

If you’re wondering about the same thing, you may take an interest in reading what I found.

Do crows take shiny things?

No, crows wouldn’t take shiny things. These birds may be famous scavengers, but they will prefer food than things they can’t consume.

The idea most people have is those shiny things such as coins and jewelry attract crows.

As far as myths go, crows are usually known for being thieves and snatchers.

Further, stories even portray that crows can learn to take keys and use it to help thieves escape or open chests.

These tales even portray that crows put shiny things in their nests as collections they could get.

Since these stories originated a long time ago, people come to think it is true.

In reality, however, that’s not how it happens. But, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely false.

While crows may not take an interest in shiny objects, they may peck at it.

Some crows and birds also play from time to time. Wild crows in the woods may peck on twigs, rocks, and branches.

For birds in captivity they might end up taking keys or coins nearby.

Crows may even bring you gifts!

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Do crows bring you gifts?

If you have befriended a crow and have established a bond with it, he may bring you a gift.

Yes, you read it correctly. Crows, unlike other birds, tend to bring gifts to people who are useful to them.

Quite fascinating, right?

Crows are smart birds, and they can remember faces and spread it to other crows.

Thus, if you harass a crow, it’ll tell other crows to be wary of you, and they’ll even mob you with swooping and loud caws.

However, if you feed a crow and be good to one, you’ll likely see more of them the next time. And, they’ll probably offer you something.

According to some, gifts from crows are their response to providing easy food for them.

The gifts are usually the things they see but can’t eat, and this is probably where the idea of shiny things began.

They may bring you shiny gifts, but that’s because they don’t like it. Thus, they prefer that you have it in exchange for the food.

While this is not a usual thing, it happens.

Still, it’s not enough to think that crows get attracted to shiny things. The truth is, they can even get scared of it.

Crows are scavengers, indeed. But, they don’t scavenge shiny and valuable things. Instead, they prefer to scavenge food.

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What attracts crows to an area?

what attracts crows to an area

If there’s one thing that will attract the crows, it’s food rather than shiny objects.

A crow might peck at a shiny object if it got its attention. Even so, taking it for safekeeping isn’t likely to happen.

Crows gather food and only food. Thus, if you want to attract a crow, you only need food to prepare.

However, if you wish to prevent crows from coming, you may want to remove all potential food for them.

Trash bins, food waste, dead animals, pet food, all these are attractive to crows.

Secure this potential food out of reach for crows so that they may stop hanging around.

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What are the birds that collect shiny objects?

Of all other birds, shiny things catch the eyes of magpies.

Being in the same corvid family, it’s no wonder why crows also become associated with magpies.

Magpies are famous for being a sucker for shiny objects. Even so, studies also tell that magpies can also get scared by them.

Typically, birds usually fear shiny objects. The reason is that they can reflect the sunlight, and can hurt their eyes.

Thus, birds of all kinds tend to stay away from shiny objects.

People even use shiny objects such as CDs and aluminum. Hanging these items in the yard usually keeps crows and other birds away.

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In Summary

Again, crows do not like shiny things. Contrary to many beliefs, crows even tend to stay away from shiny objects.

Crows may peck at shiny objects since they can be catchy to the eyes. Even so, crows will realize these items are not consumable, and they will leave it alone.

They can, however, give it to people as an exchange for food. It’s in this instance that we see crows giving gifts to people they like.

In reality, crows prefer food than shiny things.

Thus, you can use these items to your advantage. You can either put shiny things to prevent crows or hide them to do the opposite.


Image credits – Photos by niklas_hamann and Clark Gu on Unsplash

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