What Does a Crow Poop Look Like? (+ How to Remove It)

A crow poop looks like green feces with a white and liquidy substance around it. Like any other bird poop, a crow poop has three components. These are the green, the white, and the liquid. Thus, if you’re seeing these splashes in your area and seeing a pair or more crows, it is definitely crow poop.

Yes, I know they can be a nuisance – both the crows and their poop.

If you ask what a crow poop looks like, you may be getting annoyed by both the crows and poop.

Crows have loud and annoying caws, and with two or more of them, they can be quite a nuisance.

As for bird poop, you may see them damaging not only your pathways but, worse, your car and windows.

Don’t worry, though, since you can do something about it.

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More Facts About Crow Poop

The crow poop appearance is quite fascinating, so I did some research, and here’s what I found:

The reason why crow poops have three components is that all their waste products are in there. In simple terms, crows combine all their waste instead of secreting them separately.

Unlike us humans, which separately secretes our waste, crows and other birds have a single waste.

As for the colors and components, here’s what I found:

What looks like the green part on a crow poop is the feces itself, and it comes from the intestines.

The white part is what we call urates, and it comes from the kidneys. Lastly, the liquid portion is the urine, which also comes from the kidneys.

wall with crow poop

Is crow poop hard to remove?

Removing a crow poop, like any other birds’ poop, can be difficult if it dries out.

A crow poop is easy to remove, especially if it’s new. Once it dries out in time, that can cause severe damage.

Bird poop or bird droppings have a similar pH level like that of the vinegar. Thus, if left after a while, they can damage wood, stone, iron, and steel.

Thus, if you see bird poop in your area, it’s a sign for you to do something about it immediately.

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Do birds know when they poop?

While birds don’t have the thinking capacity like humans, they can still feel when they need to poop.

Many people think that their waste simply comes out of them without being conscious of it. I’m here to tell you that it’s not entirely true.

For crows, though, pooping might be a different case.

What does it mean if a crow poops on you?

Unlike other birds, crow pooping can sometimes be intentional.

Unlike any other birds, crows tend to poop on predators that they mob. This act is their effort to force these predators to leave their area.

Thus, if a crow poops on you, it may or may not be intentional.

It can happen that you just passed by and simply caught by a crow dropping.

The crows are territorial

However, if a crow poops at you and accompanies it with caws and swoops, it means they are not comfortable with you.

Crows are territorial birds, and they can be pretty annoying if they see you as an enemy instead of a friend.

This attitude can even become worse if they have nestlings around. The caws can be louder, and the swooping can be more frequent.

Is there a spiritual meaning if a crow poops on you?

Crows are famous in many spiritual myths. Thus, it’s no wonder why you may take it has a spiritual meaning when a crow is pooping on you.

Some stories associate crows with life mysteries and magic. As a spirit animal, crows can be a guide or a totem.

Thus, some people say that getting a crow poop on you is a sign of good luck.

The same with other birds, a crow poop symbolizes all the blessings a bird receives.

Whatever your take on this matter is, we can agree on a single thing:

You wouldn’t want a crow poop, especially when you’re just about to start your day.

Thus, be it on you or your property, you would want to do something about crow poop.

Below are some simple steps I learned that are useful in preventing bird poop.

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How to prevent bird poop?

Be it crows or any other birds; you wouldn’t want any of their droppings or poop gathered in your area.

Aside from the smell, they can also be problematic to remove. Use these three steps to prevent bird poop from getting your day.

Use reflective bird diverters

A reflector attached in your area will work by mimicking a predator bird’s eyes. Thus, it will scare the crows and other birds and prevent them from staying and pooping.

Get a plastic hawk or owl

Birds of prey tend to scare the little ones away. With a plastic hawk or owl nearby, birds will tend to stay away.

However, for crows, you may want to move these scaring tools now and then, since they can figure out it’s not a real one.

Tack shiny items such as pinwheels or flash tapes

Pinwheels attached in your area spins when the wind blows. These things create noise and reflect the sunlight, scaring birds away. Crows don’t like shiny things, so this can be quite effective.

These things mainly do a single thing. Prevent birds in your area to avoid bird poop.

If you prefer not to shoo the birds away, prepare to do regular cleaning to avoid property damage.

In Summary

Crow poop looks like any bird poop. It has a green feces, a white urate, and liquid urine. All these components come together since crows secrete them at the same time.

A crow poop is easy to manage if you respond to it immediately, and not leave it to dry.

There may be meaning to crow poop or not, depending on your perspective.

Still, a crow poop or any other bird poop is an aftereffect of having birds around. You may shoo them away or not, and if not, you better be ready to clean.


Image credits – Photos by Johnny Cohen and Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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