Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Face? (Expression of Love)

The reason why is your cat obsessed with your face is that she wants your attention. It’s normal for kittens to get attention from their mothers and siblings via touching and rubbing her faces against each other. And this is the same. So it’s an expression of love to you from your kitty.

Cats are quite adorable, and it comes mostly from their clingy attitude.

Thus, it can be quite interesting to know why most felines tend to come into their owners’ faces.

Let’s find out more about it!

Why does my cat always want to be in my face?

Your cat wants to be in your face only because it wants to transfer its scent on you.

When your pet’s paw touches your face, a chemical called pheromones are placed in you. Such a component acts as a sort of mark, made explicitly by your pet.

Felines release such chemicals and put them on things they sense as their own. The bottom of their feet contains scent glands. Such glands which will leave pheromones once your pet touches you.

Once you have that, your kitty and all other kitties will sense you as their own.

It’s your pet’s simple act saying that you belong to it, although it’s quite the opposite.

With such a gesture, your kitty will feel at ease, and will even make your body a comfortable pillow for sleeping.

In a nutshell, this particular gesture doesn’t mean bad.

While it can be quite annoying after some time, you just have to take it as your cat’s loving gesture towards you.

Once your cat has that scent in you, expect a more cuddly and clingy pet.

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Why do cats lick their owner’s face?

With the same principle as the rubbing and kneading, licking is also a feline’s way to mark you as its own.

If your pet is licking your face, take it as your pet’s way of creating a social bond.

When they are still kittens, our pets used to get licked by their mothers.

Thus, your pet is not only trying to groom you. More than anything, your cat is trying to give you some affection in its way.

Felines lick not only their owners but also other kittens and animals to show their affection.

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Is it bad if my cat licks my face?

cat and face

It is not a bad thing if your cat tries to lick your face. Although it looks gross, it’s something that you should not prohibit.

When your pet licks your face, it shows that your kitty trusts you, and it feels safe in your company.

At the same time, they can seek relief, especially if they are suffering from stress.

Since it’s not bad, it would be a wrong thing to push your kitty away. The best thing you can do is return the favor by petting your cat.

A gentle rub along the cat’s body is enough to make it happy.

Felines are attention seekers, and they can appreciate the small gestures you do for them.

For this reason, there’s no need to hold back. Play with your pet and enjoy the licks it gives.

Why does my cat paw my face?

Your cat may be putting its paws on your face to put her scent on you.

As I said earlier, their paws release pheromones, and they place this to anything they consider their own.

The kneading of cats is a habit they had formed when they were young. Thus, they knead or rub anything they feel comfortable with.

If your cat puts its paws on you, consider it as your cat’s way of expressing how comforting you are to it.

It’s also the reason why cats start to like sleeping near you. It’s because they sense their scent in you, and they feel secure around you.

It’s that scent from their paws that makes them clingy and cuddly compared to other pets.

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How do I stop my cat from kneading on my face?

Kneading is a gesture and behavior of cats. Since it is a habit since they were kittens, it’s almost impossible to remove them.

Wild cats stop kneading as they left their mothers. However, our feline pets won’t.

The first thing you need to remember is to avoid discouraging such behavior negatively.

What I mean is that you shouldn’t punish your cat for kneading on your face.

Such an act will not only hurt your cat’s feelings. More than anything, it will destroy the bond between you two.

The best option you can do is to drive its attention away from you.

Give your cat something with your scent. It may be cloth, or a towel, or a pillow, anything your feline pet can knead.

You’ll see it as a success when your cat takes it and doesn’t want to give it back.

Further, give your pet some rewards every time it kneads the item you offer.

It will not only keep your cat from kneading the item. Moreover, it will drive your cat’s attention away from you.

A reminder, though.

It doesn’t mean that the item will suffice. Always spare some time to pet your kitty.

A small gesture of affection now and then goes a long way, especially to our feline pets.

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There’s nothing for you to worry about if you notice your cat getting obsessed with your face.

As cuddly and clingy animals, it’s only natural that they want to place their paws or lick our faces.

As a general rule of thumb, take it as their love, and a sign for you to return that love.

Trust me. Once you get to cuddle and pet your kitty, it’ll be a worthwhile experience.


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Image credits – Photos by Maxim Mushnikov and Aldana Fernandez on Unsplash

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