Are English Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs? (Read This Before Getting a New Dog)

English bulldogs are good with other dogs, yes. They are one of the calm breeds. Thus, they are ones you can get if you have another dog around. They are peaceful and will get along well with other dogs. They may show aggressiveness on other dogs of the same sex, but they get along well most of the time, especially if you introduce them properly.

A bulldog’s behavior may vary from one to another. Thus, while most are friendly, some may show aggressiveness.

Perhaps you’re someone who plans to get another dog to live with your English bulldog. 

Or, you may already have a specific breed, and you’re planning to get an English bulldog. 

Whatever your case is, this article’s for you. Let’s get into it!

Do English Bulldogs fight with other dogs?

English bulldogs are one of the placid dog breeds. They are the dogs that are calm and less likely to get bothered. 

Despite that peaceful behavior, English bulldogs can still be aggressive. Such instances happen most when they are territorial.

For this reason, English bulldogs usually try to show aggressiveness. Further, they would even pick a fight with other dogs they see loitering in what they consider an area of their own.

Still, it’s not something that happens all the time. Bulldogs that socialize from a young age don’t often show such an aggressive attitude.

Thus, if you own a bulldog, it would be best to introduce them to other dogs at an early age.

By doing so, you will train your dog to be comfortable with other dogs around.

Without proper socialization, your bulldog may show aggressive behavior. If your dog is used to being alone, it may become territorial after meeting another.

It would be best to train your pet to be good with other dogs to avoid unwanted incidents.

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How to train English Bulldog to be good with other dogs?

english bulldogs

Your dog may show aggressiveness towards other dogs. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

As I said, the ideal way to train your English bulldog is to start at an early age.

You can train your dog by allowing it to interact with other dogs while it is still a puppy. By doing so, you’ll teach it to get used to socializing.

Most English Bulldogs only show aggression if they are territorial.

Such behavior happens when your dog doesn’t meet any other dog, mingling only with itself or with you.

For this reason, your dog may feel territorial if another dog suddenly shows up in the area he calls his own.

However, if your dog is already at an old age, don’t worry. You can still do something about it.

One way to train them to be useful is to teach them basic obedience commands. 

Simple actions like sitting, staying, and bark stopping works, especially when your dog sees other dogs.

If you’re planning to get another dog, such commands will work. Eventually, the aggression will lessen after some time.

Training your dog takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience, so prepare yourself for it.

Best breeds you can pair with your English Bulldog

Bulldogs have that placid or calm behavior, and making them live with active dogs may not be a good move.

Thus, putting them in the same place with some small active breeds like Min Pin or Chihuahua is not the best option.

Further, smaller breeds may get hurt, especially since bulldogs aren’t the gracious types.

For this reason, a giant dog breed will be better since they can play together without one of them getting hurt.

If you’re wondering what breeds you can choose from to play with your bulldog, you can go for:

  • Another bulldog
  • Mastiff
  • Boxer
  • Doberman
  • Pug

If you have trained your dog to socialize, it won’t have any problems dealing with other breeds. 

Still, if you plan to get another dog, it is ideal to have the opposite sex as your old buddy.

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Are Bulldogs friendly?

Bulldogs are one of the friendliest dog breeds you can have. Most dogs of such breed have a friendly and patient nature. 

These dogs are famous for being excellent family pets. It is because they tend to form strong bonds, especially with children.

In general, bulldogs are dog breeds known for getting along well, not only with children. Further, they get along well with other dogs and even other pets.

These dogs have an easy-going nature and friendliness. Such an attitude extends to their kin and other breeds and even to other pets.

Indeed, on certain occasions, a bulldog may have trouble with cats. Nevertheless, this breed is often more open, and at the same time, more accepting than the others.

Do English Bulldogs do better in pairs?

English bulldogs can be alright without having another one around. In pairs, however, that would depend on their differences.

The first thing to consider is the breed. As I said earlier, bulldogs may get along with other species. Still, your best bet would be another bulldog. 

Another thing to consider is their gender. 

It’s not a hidden fact that two male bulldogs are not your best option.

With two male bulldogs, they would likely be always in the competition of which one is superior to the other.

If you have a male bulldog, it would be better to add a female one to your household.

However, if you have a female, adding another female or a male should work fine as well.

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English bulldogs are friendly breeds. Thus, they get along with other dogs, as well as with children and other pets. Still, that friendly attitude only happens when they learn to socialize at an early age.

If your English bulldog does not socialize a lot with other pets, it may grow unfamiliar and show aggressive behavior.

But don’t worry, these dogs can get along and open themselves to other dogs. With proper training and introduction, they can be the friendliest dogs you can meet.


Image Credits – Photos by Bryan Hanson and Aaron Andary on Unsplash

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