Why Do Bulldogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out? (Learn the Reason Why)

Bulldogs sleep with their tongues out to keep themselves cool and to breathe easier as they sleep. Bulldogs have difficulty breathing only through their noses, so they need to put out their tongue to take in the air easier. Further, they put their tongue out to cool themselves if they are feeling warm.

Bulldogs have that tendency to leave their tongues out. Aside from their sleeping time, they also let it out even when they are awake.

Moreover, there are various reasons for them to do so. To give you detailed information, I compiled the things I researched about this topic.

Let’s get into it!

Why do Bulldogs stick their tongues out when they sleep?

Bulldogs stick their tongues out for two reasons, both out of necessity and out of preference.

First, bulldogs stick their tongues out when they sleep because they need it so.

Bulldogs have a short nose and an elongated soft palate. Further, they also have small nostril openings and a small trachea for their body size.

For this reason, it’s difficult for them to accumulate air without opening their mouths. Thus, while these dogs keep their tongues out, they also breathe for their bodies.

Moreover, bulldogs have dental abnormalities like overbite and underbite. Such a condition misaligns the teeth, making it difficult to keep its tongue in the mouth.

Last, they put out their tongue to decrease the temperature, especially when they feel hot.

While this is something they do out of preference, it is still essential for them to have a good rest.

For these reasons, bulldogs stick out their tongue as a way of keeping up with the needs of their bodies.

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Is it OK when your bulldog sleeps with his tongue out?

Yes, it’s OK if you see your bulldog sleeping with his tongue out. Such behavior comes from their need to breathe and to cool off.

If you’re a new bulldog owner, you may think it’s something worrisome. (I know, I’ve been there.)

Bulldogs often encounter a lot of health problems, unlike other breeds. Most of these problems come from their difficulty of taking air inside their bodies.

Still, if you’re worried, you can help them out by letting them rest in a cold environment.

It is ideal for letting them sleep somewhere well-ventilated. If it doesn’t help bulldogs breathe more comfortably, at least it will make them more relaxed.

Since these dogs also put their tongue out to cool themselves off, letting them rest in a cool place will help them.

What does it mean when bulldogs have tongues out?


Bulldogs let out their tongues when they have difficulty breathing and in temperature. At the same time, it can also be just a gesture.

In general, many dogs put their tongues out for some specific causes, or even for no reason at all.

Still, if you see your bulldog putting its tongue out, it’s not something you should worry about too much.

Bulldogs put out their tongue either to aid their breathing or to cool their bodies down.

At the same time, it can also be just an act they have grown accustomed to since they were young.

Now, if they do so while having trouble sleeping, then something might be wrong.

Perhaps they are feeling too warm, and putting out their tongues won’t suffice.

Try to observe if the area is too warm. If so, try to put some extra ventilation to help your pet cool down.

If you think your pet finds it difficult to breathe, it’s best to contact your vet to get some solid advice.

Bulldogs put out their tongue almost all the time. Thus, it can be tricky to find out that something is wrong.

For this reason, you should always be observant of other symptoms or signs of health problems.

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Why do bulldogs sleep on their back?

If you own a bulldog or have one nearby, you may often catch them sleeping on their backs. The reason why they sleep like that is to cool off their bodies.

Aside from putting out their tongues while sleeping, these dogs also sleep on their backs to cool off.

Such a position is a comfortable one for them since the belly is entirely open with their paws up.

For most dogs, their bellies have the thinnest fur. Thus, exposing that part makes it easier for them to regulate their temperature.

It’s also an easy way for them to cool down if they are feeling hot.

Why do bulldogs sleep so much?

Compared to other breeds, bulldogs are great sleepers. If you have a bulldog, you probably understand that they spend their time most by sleeping.

The reason why they do so is that they need to rest more than the other breeds.

Bulldogs, as I said earlier, experience a lot of health issues than other dogs. Thus, by sleeping, they help them have the energy they need for the day.

This breed requires more energy to move and play around. These dogs move slower, and they hardly ever run.

For bulldogs, it takes them a lot more effort to play than other dogs do. Thus, to compensate for their energy, they tend to sleep a lot, even during the day.

With their breathing capacity, they need to let out their tongue to take in more air. Thus, just after a short while of moving, these dogs already find it difficult to breathe.

If you think your bulldog is sleeping too much, don’t worry, it’s completely normal.

Still, don’t let them sleep all day. Incorporate some playing time to make sure they can always move with ease.

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Bulldogs have their way of sticking out their tongues out when they sleep. However, that’s not all. Aside from sleeping, they also stick out their tongue even when they are awake and active.

These dogs do such for a lot of reasons, both out of necessity and preference. Bulldogs put out their tongue to aid their breathing as well as to cool off their bodies.

For this reason, you shouldn’t worry too much if your bulldog sticks out its tongue. It’s entirely normal for these dogs.


Image Credits – Photos by Anita Peeples and Tinuke Bernard on Unsplash

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