Why Are Bulldogs So Stubborn? (and Other Bulldog Personalities You Need to Know)

Bulldogs are stubborn because it’s in their nature since they come from a dominant breed. Bulldogs like to do things in their ways. Thus, they can be quite resistant to training and following commands. Being stubborn doesn’t make them bad dogs. Although hard to train, they are still affectionate and adorable pets that form strong bonds with owners.

Bulldogs can be one of the breeds that you’ll find challenging to train. Attitude and behavior are key components in training a dog. Thus, understanding such things is crucial to train them properly.

Let’s get into it!

Are Bulldogs stubborn?

Indeed, bulldogs are an affectionate dog breed. They seek out human attention and even form strong bonds with children. 

Due to their calm and peaceful behavior, they make ideal pets to introduce with cats and other dogs.

While these characteristics may be actual, bulldogs are nonetheless stubborn and dominating. 

For this reason, many people find it quite challenging to train bulldogs. Training such a breed requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.

In general, bulldogs are a dominant breed. Thus, they find it difficult to follow orders and answer commands.

Thus, most people who train them find the process a lot draining than training other dog breeds.

Despite that, bulldogs become one of the best breeds to take care of once they get trained.

They are good with other family pets but continue to be wary around strange dogs.

How to train a stubborn bulldog?

As I said, bulldogs have that stubborn nature in them. For this reason, training requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.

One common way to train a bulldog is through the use of treats and positive reinforcement.

Like all other dogs, treats and positive reinforcement go a long way in training.

Bulldogs like to get what they want, and so promising a treat for doing something works wonders.

For instance, if you train your dog to sit, start by holding the treat and letting your dog sniff on it.

Once it follows the treat, move it away, and put it on top of his head. Your pet will then point his nose up, making his rump touch the floor.

As soon as it does, praise your pet and give it a treat. Eventually, it will learn that sitting provides a snack. After some time, it will automatically sit down every time you command to do so.

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Why are bulldogs so hard to train?

Unlike other dogs, bulldogs will give you a hard time training them. Such a breed has a stubborn personality that is quite resistant to training.

The reason is that they are a dominating breed, and they don’t care about doing what their owner wants them to do.

Now, it doesn’t mean they are bad dogs. It’s just in their nature to do what they like to do and not follow orders around.

For this reason, you don’t need to act cold with these dogs. All it takes is to take up your efforts and patience a notch for their sake.

Bulldogs may be stubborn, but they have that friendly attitude towards others. Moreover, that friendliness extends greatly to their owners.

Make it a part of your day to spend at least half an hour training your bulldog.

Regular training sessions will turn good after some time. If you don’t see any progress to their obedience, don’t get worn out easily.

As pet owners, we must stick to our pets and train them.

Bulldogs personality


Bulldogs vary in personality depending on their type. However, you can think of them, all having the following characteristics.

Although bulldogs are usually stubborn, they also have that sweetness and gentle disposition.

These dogs are also dependable and entirely predictable in their actions. 

What makes them stand out most is that bulldogs make a wonderful family pet. The reason is that they get attached to children, forming strong bonds with them.

Moreover, these dogs are people-oriented, which means they actively seek attention.

Aside from these traits, they retain the courage from which they originally came. 

Thus, they make excellent watchdogs, but it’s not useful in alerting since they aren’t barkers.

They can also be aggressive toward unfamiliar dogs, especially if they see one for the first time.

Thus, a bulldog may attack, though it’s quite rare.

Why would a bulldog attack?

As I said earlier, bulldogs are generally a dominant breed. They show such dominance in socializing with other dogs.

If your bulldog attacks humans or dogs, they likely feel their dominance gets threatened.

Aside from their dominance, some bulldogs have that aggressive nature in them.

Most bulldogs had such aggression when they grew up independently, without any other dog or pets around.

Thus, once they see another dog or pet for the first time, they feel their dominance gets threatened.

It can also happen when they see people they don’t know. 

Thus, if you have a bulldog, try to train your pet by allowing it to socialize with other pets and humans.

Get a collar and leash and go out with your bulldog for some walk. It will teach your dog to familiarize themselves with other animals and humans.

After some time, your dog would at least lessen its aggressiveness towards others.

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Indeed, bulldogs have that stubborn behavior in them. Thus, you may find such a breed to be quite challenging to train.

One important thing you should always bear in mind that being stubborn is a part of their nature. Thus, such an attitude doesn’t make them bad dogs. It’s just a bulldog’s nature to do things according to their preference. 

Thus, as owners, it would be best to give more effort, time, and patience in training our bulldogs.

While they may be stubborn, they are still our pets, and it can be quite impressive once we learned how they behave.


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