When Do French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger? (Also Learn About Their Heads’ Cracks)

The head of a French Bulldog starts to get bigger in the early months until it reaches a year old. When a french bulldog comes 12 months old or one year, its skull stops growing, but the head may seem to grow continuously for another 12 months from muscular changes and fat build-up.

French bulldogs have heads like other types of bulldogs. Still, it’s not something that continues to grow as they get older.

As soon as these dogs reach a year old, their skull would not increase in size anymore.

Of course, their head may still grow slightly more, but it will be due to muscular changes and some fats building up.

However, in short, french bulldogs start growing their heads during their early months.

I know French bulldogs, together with other bulldogs, have exciting heads. 

For this reason, I compiled facts and questions you may wonder related to their heads.

Let’s get into it!

Will my Bulldogs head get bigger?

If your bulldog is still at an early age, like only months old, don’t worry. Its head will grow more prominent after some time.

Both the French and English Bulldogs’ heads tend to start growing within 6-12 months old.

For an English bulldog, the jaw would start to shoot out and turn up. Further, the head will begin spreading and widening.

A French bulldog will also grow at the same pace and in the same timeline. However, both breeds will have differences in the aspects of appearance.

If your dog is a French bulldog, your pet’s ears will have that spike upwards, unlike the English with down ears.

Another thing to note is the characters of lines or crevices along the face. Frenchies have lesser lines on their face than the English.

As soon as they reach a year old, their skulls will stop growing. Thus, you should expect their heads to retain that size until they grow old.

If your pet is already way past a year age, its head’s size won’t grow anymore.

Still, the head may seem to grow more significant in the next twelve months. 

Such growth is due to muscular changes and some fats that will build up during that time.

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Why do some French bulldogs have bigger heads?

Some French bulldogs have more oversized heads than the others because of their size.

In general, all french bulldogs have an average size of their heads. However, it may also vary depending on their body sizes.

For instance, pets are taking in more food than others. Such a factor also affects their growth.

Although bulldogs don’t grow that big, some will have a bigger build than the others.

The same principle applies to their heads’ growth and size.

Frenchie’s head may grow and look more significant than the others if it’s eating more and gaining more.

Still, increasing the amount of food you will feed is not an ideal move to expand its head size.

It can even lead to overfeeding, which is unhealthy for your pet.

During these times, it’s crucial to prioritize your pet’s health over appearance. 

While a more massive head may look cuter, it won’t help your pet if it becomes obese through overfeeding.

When do french bulldogs heads split?

french bulldogs

The splits in bulldogs’ heads are one of the trademarks of their breeds. It’s even something that people like a lot.

Most people believe that the heads of bulldogs split, as it appears on their faces.

However, a bulldog’s head does not split. The crevices are simply lines that appear in the middle of the head as the dog matures. 

These lines are due to muscle growth in the dog’s head. Since they form such deep lines throughout, it has that look of the head with splits.

Now, those splits in the head start appearing as the bulldog grows older. 

Since their heads start growing at 6-12 months of age, it’s also the time where the splits begin to form.

Still, such splits may continue to deepen and increase. It will vary depending on the changes that will occur in their muscles and with all the fats building up.

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Do Bulldogs heads crack?

A crack in a bulldog’s head is similar to the splits other people used to say. Like the split, a bulldog’s head doesn’t crack.

The lines in a bulldog’s face may appear like the head is cracking. Sometimes, it looks like a real crack because of its depth.

However, those seemingly deep lines or ‘cracks’ only appears in the facial skin, but it’s not a crack in their head.

As bulldogs mature, they tend to have that splits in their faces, like wrinkles in ours.

Such splits or cracks are due to the changes in the muscle brought by the maturity stage.

Of course, the skull plays a vital role in that splits. Still, the split in the head is shallow enough to form such lines. 

Most of the lines come from the formation and changes of the muscles.

How big should a French bulldog be at six months?

The size of a French bulldog may vary depending on how much they eat. However, these dogs have a general size that should suit their age.

For this reason, if you own a French bulldog and it’s already six months old, its size should play at around 15.5 lbs to 23.6 lbs. 

French bulldogs that are three months old should weigh at least 8.6 to 12.9 lbs.

If your pet has a small size, you may want to up the amount of food per serving.

However, if you think your pet is getting more than the average weight, you may want to lessen it.

As a general rule of thumb, always feed the appropriate amount of food daily. Add a regular exercise with it, and allow your pet to play around.

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French bulldogs, like any other bulldogs, have impressive large heads. Their heads start growing within 6-12 months of age.

After they reach a year old, their skulls would stop growing bigger. Thus, you should not expect their heads to widen more than that.

Still, it may grow a little bit more for the next 12 months. Such growth will mostly happen in their facial muscles and their fats.

The food intake may make a difference in their head’s growth. However, it’s not a smart move to increase or decrease it just for appearance’s sake.


Image Credits – Photos by Sven Höhne and Mia knight on Unsplash

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