Do cats eat ducks? (+ how to protect ducks)

The short answer is yes, cats do eat ducks. This fact applies especially for feral cats since they hunt animals to survive. If you are a cat owner, it doesn’t mean ducks near you are safe from your feline pet. While house cats won’t likely eat a duck, they will nonetheless attack one upon sight.

If you own both a cat and a duck, this may pose a problem for you, mostly if you haven’t figured it out yet. If you are still planning to get either one or both, then it shouldn’t discourage you.

Whatever your reason is, we can agree with one thing: cats shouldn’t bother ducks.

Lucky for us, it’s not an impossible feat.

Let me tell you why!

Will a cat attack a duck?

When it comes to cats, every other animal is a target, so yes. A cat will attack a duck.

Cats come from a long line of hunters before they become domesticated and treated as pets.

Thus, be it a house cat or its wild counterpart, it will attack a duck, especially if its the first time it sees one.

It doesn’t mean that it will happen all the time, though. Despite the hunting instinct and curiosity in cats, they don’t always pounce on ducks.

Unlike feral cats, house cats can learn to refrain from attacking and simply ignore ducks.

Some cats are not even brave enough to take on an adult duck, as they are relatively more prominent in size.

While any cat would play with a duckling, they may ignore and avoid getting near to adult ducks because of its size.

For wild cats, however, size doesn’t matter. They will hunt any duck when they see one.

Still, despite the predator instinct of cats, both animals can get along.

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Can Ducks live with cats?

Despite the playful attitude of a cat towards ducks, they can get along once they get familiar.

Cats and ducks don’t bother each other most of the time, especially if ducks spend most of their time in the water.

Most farms usually have ducks and cats around, and there’s generally not much chasing going on the area.

While cats may have a playful attitude, they usually show it to unfamiliar animals.

Once a cat learns to live with a duck, it will even stay and protect it, though not every time.

At the very least, a cat will ignore the duck and let it do its own thing.

For ducklings, however, cats can’t promise to stay away from them.

Little animals attract cats so much. While a cat may not intentionally harm a duckling, the little one would still be in danger of a cat play injury.

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Can Ducks defend themselves?

Ducks can’t fight cats off if ever these feline animals get too playful.

The only way they can protect themselves against cats is to fly and swim away.

Cats may outrun them and grab them if they try to fly, by in the water, cats would likely stop.

Cats hate water so much, so they would likely ignore ducks as long as these birds stay in the water.

Now, it doesn’t mean that ducks should be in the water every time.

Aside from the proper introduction, you can do something to keep cats away ducks. It should also be enough to prevent them from playing with ducklings.

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How do you keep cats away from ducklings?

Ducks aren’t likely to get injured by a cat, since most cats will ignore them and leave them alone.

When it comes to ducklings, you can never be so sure that cats will not harm them when they’re on the loose.

Thus, you can use these measures to prevent such from happening:

Put a bell on your cat’s collar

Putting a bell on your cat’s collar will help ducklings get alerted if a cat is near them.

Cats are good stalkers, and they can go near ducklings without getting noticed.

With a bell placed in their necks, cats will make a sound every time they get near ducklings.

Feed your cat well

A well-fed cat doesn’t mean it will stop hunting.

A cat is a curious animal and a playful one. Thus, feeding it too much won’t stop it from hunting.

Still, a hungry cat would be much more aggressive and might intend to kill a duckling for a snack.

Feeding your cat well will lessen the dangers if ever you have ducklings nearby.

Train them to live indoors

If you own both a cat and a duck in your area, consider training your cat to live indoors.

A cat that shows aggressiveness towards the duck may be due to its unfamiliarity.

Consider introducing the duck gradually. Allow them to see each other, and continue doing so until the aggressiveness resides.

If you don’t own the duck and only wish to avoid creating a scene, then training your cat to live indoors is the key.

You can let your cat out, but always under your watch.

In Summary

So, to answer the question, Yes. Cats do eat ducks. While your pet cat may not, it will still try to play and even harm your duck, or any other duck it sees.

Both cats and ducks can learn to live together, as most pairs do. It’s not like ducks need to be in water almost all the time to survive.

Still, to be sure, always be on the lookout for your cat and duck. If you can’t, it’s best to have both separated from each other.

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