Do crows eat squirrels?

Yes, crows do eat squirrels. Crows are omnivores, and they can eat anything from plant-based food to animal meat. With squirrels loitering around, they make easy targets for hungry crows.

Now, this doesn’t mean that crows can and will eat out every squirrel they see.

Let’s get into this deeper.

Squirrels as prey to crows

Crows are famously known for being hunters and scavengers.

While they can eat squirrels, crows won’t be able to have their way easily with them.

The reason for this is because squirrels, unlike any other prey, know how to fight back.

Are squirrels afraid of crows?

Unfortunately for crows, squirrels aren’t so afraid of them.

Squirrels won’t run or try to escape if crows pursue them. Instead, they even try to fight back.

Adult squirrels, especially the mothers, know how to startle crows and get back.

A lot of videos depict this act of squirrels against crows.

In a short clip taken by a passerby, it shows how the crows are so careful in pecking on an adult squirrel.

Both the crow and the squirrel are adults and are of the same size.  Even so, the pursuit ended up with the crow leaving the squirrel alone.

Indeed, crows have it in them to pursue and harass any squirrel whatever its size is.

Thus, crows may only succeed if they pursue baby squirrels.

They will, nonetheless, try to hunt adult ones, but they are likely to win only if the squirrel is either injured or dead.

Do squirrels protect their young?

Yes, squirrels protect their young.

Mother squirrels can be quite dangerous to those who try to hurt her babies. They are incredibly protective of their young.

Further, mother squirrels show their aggression by flicking their tail back and forth.

They do this, especially when the baby squirrels make high pitch distress calls.

Thus, a crow harassing a baby squirrel would undoubtedly end in a severe problem.

Unlike the rest of the prey that crows target, squirrels prove to be one of the hardest.

What animal are squirrels afraid?

While squirrels aren’t afraid of crows, other animals can scare them.

The answer to this question is none other than owls.

Squirrels are afraid of owls more than any other predator. Like owls, they go at night hunting for food, so they usually face each other more often.

Unlike crows, owls are one of the birds of prey, having sharper claws and killer beaks for an instant kill.

Owls are also faster than crows, making it easy for them to catch even the full-grown squirrels.

Aside from owls, the squirrels are also afraid of other raptor birds such as hawks and eagles.

Where do squirrels live?

Squirrels, like crows, live on almost everywhere in the world. They are on every continent except in Australia and Antarctica.

Now, it is essential to note that their habitat depends on their type.

Tree squirrels live in wooded areas since they prefer trees as their homes.

Ground squirrels, as their name proposes, live underground. They dig burrows and a system of tunnels underground.

During winter, some squirrels hibernate in those burrows to keep themselves warm.

With their location almost the same as crows, it is evident that they both face each other frequently.

With crows being natural opportunists, they will harass squirrels if they encounter one.

Despite this, both crows and squirrels have many similarities.

Thus, it may even lead you to ask:

Do crows and squirrels get along?

As much as it is interesting to harbor the idea, the answer is a simple one – No, they don’t.

Crows and squirrels are always interacting, but never the one with the other, only squirrels with squirrels and crows with crows.

Spider and Anita Barbour

The crow and squirrel’s connection ends in their similarity and attraction.

While they are similar in many things, they are by nature, enemies, and competitors.

They compete for food, and can even eat each other.

Now, does this mean squirrels eat crows?

Do squirrels eat crows?

In a way, squirrels can eat crows.

Now, don’t get startled.

By squirrels eating crows, it is more of crow eggs and nestlings.

One species of squirrel, for instance, are famous nest raiders. They will devour both eggs in the nest as well as baby chicks.

Thus, if they see a crow’s nest with eggs and babies lying there, they snatch it.

Even so, it’s doubtful that a squirrel will eat a baby crow.

The only squirrels that include small birds in their diet are the flying squirrels.

More likely than not, they would go for the eggs.

But what other food do squirrels eat?

A squirrel eats an average of one pound of food per week.

While they are famous for eating nuts, it’s not the only food they eat.

Like crows, squirrels are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat.

Aside from eggs, a squirrel eats:

  • Fungi
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Small Insects
  • Caterpillars
  • Small Animals
  • Young Snakes

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Now, let’s take a look at something different…

Which is faster? Crows or Squirrels?

When it comes to speed, crows are faster than squirrels.

A crow can take flight for an average of 70mph. Squirrels, on the other hand, can run up to 20mph.

Despite the speed, however, it’s highly unlikely that these animals would end up in a chase.

If a crow pursues a squirrel, it will fight back rather than run away and escape.

What other predators eat squirrels?

Crows happen to be only one of the few predators who prefer the taste of squirrels.

Squirrels are preys to the following predators:


Aside from crows, squirrels are in danger in the face of other predator birds. These are:

  • Hawks
  • Owls
  • Eagles
  • Magpies
  • Ravens
  • Shrikes

Other Land Animals

Other than the flying ones, these other animals can eat squirrels:

  • Skunks
  • Weasels
  • Martens
  • Minks
  • Badgers
  • Domesticated cats and dogs
  • Snakes of many sorts
  • Possums
  • Wolverines

  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Wolves
  • Bobcats
  • Lynxes
  • Cougars
  • Black-footed ferrets
  • Black and grizzly bears

While these are the usual predators, other animals can and will eat squirrels.


  • Crows can eat squirrels. With squirrels loitering around, they make easy targets for hungry crows.
  • While squirrels can be prey to crows, they tend to fight back. Crows may succeed in eating the baby squirrels as well as the injured or dead adult squirrels.
  • Squirrels aren’t afraid of crows, and they can be overprotective to their young.
  • Squirrels are afraid of owls, as these birds can instantly kill them.
  • Crows and squirrels live in the same habitat, making them see each other frequently.
  • Squirrels and crows may be similar in ways. Even so, they are natural competitors and enemies, and they won’t get along.
  • Squirrels can eat crows, but they will go for the babies and eggs and not the adult crows.
  • Crows are faster than squirrels. But, squirrels aren’t likely to run if pursued by a crow.

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